Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Mini, Midi, Maxi│Emmanuelle Khanh│1972

Mini, Midi, Maxi?


Volkswagen launches air conditioning to match.

Mini, Midi, Maxi Who can predict future fashion? Mini Fashion? Then you might get cold, and you need a car with efficient heating. Maxi Fashion? You may get hot, and you need a perfect ventilation system. And if the fashion is Midi, you'll need real air conditioning. Like that of the new Beetle, with nine heating vents, and four air vents. But that's not all, (we have been perfecting it for 25 years), so our efforts didn't end there. We have also reduced the turning radius. At 4.50 metres it has become decidedly mini. The trunk has become maxi. With 260 litres, you can carry enough dresses to stay up to speed in all circumstances. Finally, with ten more horsepower, the 1302 is now going at 135km/h. Moral: So, we can not ask Germany to predict fashion, but we can ask it to provide efficient heating.



All content scanned and transcribed from Jours de France, 22 February 1972. Advertising Agency: Doyle, Dane & Bernbach. The models and the photographer are unidentified. Clothes by Emmanuelle Khanh. Hats by J.-C Brosseau. View some of my previous posts on 1970s Fashion, Advertising, and the French fashion designer Emmanuelle Khan. ➽ The Maxi Look from Biba (1970). Long for a Coat from Stirling Cooper, Biba, Bus Stop and Mary Quant, (1970). Spring Collections from Paris in the 70s. Les Collections de Printemps by Laroche, Dior, Saint-Laurent and Courrèges. Just Jeans (1972). Rags for Riders (1971), Pop Fashion (1971). Loon Boots, Brothel Creepers, Bombers, Spacers, and Slags (1974). The dress that disappears strip by strip...Emmanuelle Khanh of Paris for Paraphernalia. And lastly, Is it a question of love? Is it a state of mind? no, no, no no, It's A Question Of Temperature

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