Monday, 26 July 2021

Mary Quant's Face in the Clouds┃1971



''Please don't make my new colours
 look like old colours''

Pink and blue. Use them like ordinary make-up and they'll look like ordinary make-up in unusual shades. Use them this way and you can look devastating. Mary is very concerned about her new colours and your face. If you're going to experiment, experiment. But let your hand be guided. The colours were inspired by sky tints. So she called the finished look 'Face in the Clouds'. Which, when you've tried it, is how you feel. as much as how you look. 

Your new eye brows ✿ Take a dry mascara brush, and brush eyebrows upwards. Then take one of the pinkier of our new lipsticks. Put some on the end of the brush, and tinge the hairs on your eyebrows. You're on your way. 

Lashes help your new look ✿ Your lashes should look very natural and fine. Mary Quant's Wisps on the top, Ultra-Fine Lower Lidders on the bottom. Finishing touches with two light coats of Brown/Black Tearproof Mascara.

Your Skin ✿ To contrast the lovely new colours keep your skin pale and matte. Mary Quant's Nature Tint or Starkers in Light and Beige. And Face Final in Translucent. And then you're flying solo.

And now, the bridge of your nose ✿ Cover the whole area under your eyes and across your nose with Moody Blue Eye Gloss. Then you've a soft shiny base to work from. 

How to make your eyes look different ✿ Take some Skylark Jeepers Peepers. Blend the blues with the applicator and brush over the Eye Gloss. Give some depth and shading to your eyes by using the deeper blue in the eye socket. At the edge, blend the colour lightly to merge with your skin tone.

Meanwhile up on the browbones ✿ Smooth on lots of Pink Eye Gloss, taking your curves wide, and gliding out onto your cheeks.

Your Lips. Make them shine ✿ If you want your Face in the Clouds, your lips must be shiny, natural and pink. Mary's new colours are Sundown, Sky Blue Pink, Cloud Pink, and Moonshine. All with definite extra-terrestial overtones.

At the ends of your fingers, your nails ✿ Very Bluey, Mary's new nail colours. Pie Eyed, Moon Glow, Pie in the Sky, and Hazy Heather. 


All content scanned and transcribed by Sweet Jane from an original Mary Quant Make-Up Range Brochure, 1971. Model and Photographer unidentified/unknown. Read The Story of Mary Quant Make-Up, an edited extract from the Mary Quant exhibition book, in which Beatrice Behlen explores why Quant's make-up range was as revolutionary as her clothing. All aboard the Mary Quant Beauty Bus 1970-1975. View some of my previous Mary Quant Make-Up posts: From Mary Quant, A Completely New Look! 19 Magazine, 1970. Mary Quant Make-Up, Honey Magazine, 1967. Mary Quant Gives You the Bare Essentials, Rave Magazine, 1966. Co-Ordinated Quant, Petticoat Magazine, 1966. Also, take a look at the The Make-Up Museum where cosmetics and art intersect. They have been exhibiting, preserving and researching make-up design and beauty culture history since 2008. Read: Marshmallows or Elvis? What you see in the clouds might say something about you. And lastly, for your listening pleasure...or not. Shades of Orange, 1968, via The Clouds Have Groovy Faces Rubble Vol. 6. Last Cloud Home, 1969. Water Colour Days by Clouds, 1971. And Hey You...Get Off My Cloud, 1965. 

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