Tuesday, 17 December 2019

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas┃Intro Magazine (1967)


White⎯smooth, soft or furry⎯is this party season's big news! Whether you're at a grand occasion or a friend's tea party, white stands out serenely, the perfect foil for sparkling gold and silver accessories. Here, dresses for parties large and small...and white is news in capes with lovely fur trimmings. So go white⎯steal the Christmas scene.

Sweet Jane's Pop Boutique ┃Intro Magazine 1967

Left to Right: DREAMY angora knitted dress, 10½ gns., Fifth Avenue, Oxford Circus, London W.1. Silk scarf, Indiacraft, 12s. 11d.. Watch and strap, 77s. 6d., Trendsetter, at Miss Selfridge, Duke Street, London W.1. Blue Strap Shoes, 99s. 11d. (also available in beige) from Roland Keith, Oxford Street, London W.1. DREAMY Victoriana dress, 6½ gns., Radley (also available in turquoise and beige) from Denise, Oxford Street and Zanie Boutique, Duke Street, London W.1. Heavy gilt chain. 1gn., Adrien Mann, from Marshall & Snelgrove, Oxford Circus, W.1.

Sweet Jane's Pop Boutique ┃Intro Magazine 1967

Left to Right: DREAMY watered velvet party dress with thick lace collar. 6½ gns., Ginger Group (also available in black and bottle green) from Bazaar, the 21 Shop, and Way-In, Knightsbridge, London S.W.3. Satin shoes (Belinda) £5 19s. 6d., by Elliott, from all main branches of Elliott, or by mail from Elliott, 3 Botts Mews, London, W.2. Fur muff bag, 49s. 11d., St. Bernard. DREAMY angora dress with silver stripes, 12gns., Neatawear. Bracelets, Adrien Mann. All gorgeous presents from Liberty's. 

Sweet Jane's Pop Boutique ┃Intro Magazine 1967

Left to Right: DREAMY fur-trimmed wool cape, 14gns., Harbro at Miss Selfridge, Duke Street, London W.1. Red watch and strap, 4½ gns., Paris House, South Molton Street, London, W.1.. Coney muff, 49s. 11d., St. Bernard. DREAMY high collared wool cape, 6½ gns., Raymond of London, at Fenwick, Bond Street, London W.1. Beret, 10s. 6d., Kangol. Cable-stitch twinset (under cape), 79s. 11d., Etam. Flannel skirt, 49s. 11d., Bobby Cousins. Frosted beige and grey stockings, 12s. 11d., Sunarama Lurex trimmed sweater, 32s. 11d., Bobby Cousins. Goat rug, from Liberty's.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from an original issue of Intro Magazine, December 9th, 1967. The Models and photographers were uncredited, but i'm pretty sure that the girl photographed on the left is the French model Charlotte Martin, now an artist. View some of my previous 'Christmas Clobber' posts: It's a White, White Christmas! Rave Fashion (1967); The Rave Trouser Suit Rave Magazine December 1966;  Christmas Clobber From Carnaby Street (print advert) December 1966. And finally, A very moving idea for Christmas! (1967).