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John Stephen's Male Wig Boutique!┃Rave Magazine (1968)

John Stephen's Male Wig Boutique


If your boyfriend has trouble with the boss over his long hair, tell him to get a wig! He can look like Scott Walker, Steve Marriott or Jimi Hendrix and keep his own short haircut for the office. The wigs come from John Stephen's male wig boutique, in his new department store in London's Carnaby Street, full wigs cost 14gns in Asian hair, and 20gns in European. An expert hair stylist is always at the boutique to help you choose. The venture is already a huge success. Over two hundred wigs were sold in the first three days of opening, and quite a few pop stars are among the customers.

John Stephen's answer, in 1968, to irate bosses and nagging headmasters―men's wigs for evening and weekend wear. John Stephen is pictured here with his own hair (top left), and wearing three of the wigs available from his boutique. Photos: Mike McGrath, 1968.

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The singer Long John Baldry being fitted with a wig at the John Stephen wig centre in Carnaby Street, London, (1968). 

Although the venture was launched as a 'His and Hers' Wig Bar around February of 1968, the men's wigs outsold their female counterparts from the word go, and within eight months of opening they were selling at a rate of approximately 600 per week. There were six styles in total for clients to choose from, which included The Beau Brummell (complete with a ribbon tied at the back), a shaggy Mick Jagger style, a conventional looking short grey wig, the Jimi Hendrix, and the Scott Walker―which proved to be their best seller. Customers could complete the look with sideburns at 5 guineas, fake moustaches at 4 guineas each, and select from a variety of beards from 8 guineas. They also offered a wig rental service at 4 guineas, and a wig cleaning and reset after-sale service, with the first one for free and 10 shillings and six-pence thereafter. 

The Sweet Jane blog: Scott Walker Rave Magazine 1968

Rave of the year and most coveted hair of the year. Scott Walker in Rave Magazine, 1968. 

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