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The New Denson Fashion Shoes for Men!┃Rave Magazine (1964)

Denson Shoes


Some examples from the 1964 Denson Shoes range. The London-based company which is set to relaunch, was originally established in 1951 by D. Senker & Son Ltd at Kingsland Road E.2., later opening a second factory in Northamptonshire. Debuting with Brothel Creepers worn by Teddy Boys, the brand became much favoured by various other style subcultures over the next four decades and was usually to be found advertised amongst the pages of popular teen magazines such as Rave as well as weekly music papers like the New Musical Express, and continued to be hugely popular until the 1980s before going out of business in 1987.

Denson Shoes

Denson Fine Poynts and Fine Chisels
 set the fashion shoe scene!

Here are the shoes with the top-fashion toe-shapes, in the latest lace-up and elastic-sided styles, as well as with concealed elastic sides. Some have Cuban heels, some have big, bold buckles, some combine the two. If you like zip-up sides, there's a Fine Poynt shoe that you're bound to go for. In Black leather or Brown shaded leather, and the latest shades in suede. 49/11 to 63/-. You can also choose from Fine Poynt, Fine Chisel or classic toe shapes in the Beat Boot range. From 69/11. See the latest styles on the Denson Style Selector at your nearest Denson Fashion Shoe Centre. 

Denson Shoes

Denson Classics and Easy Cleans
 set the fashion shoe scene!

For the man with an eye for style, the new Classics are setting a new look in fashion. With a rounded toe-shape, lace-up styling, or concealed elastic sides. In Black leather, Brown leather, and the latest shades in suedes. And for the man who wants a shoe that looks equally smart for business or leisure, the new Easy-Cleans in handsome brushed pigskin-suede. With lace-up or elastic-sided styling, in Brown, and Loden Green. New Classics cost from 49/11 to 63/-. Easy Cleans costs from 59/11 to 79/11. For the name of your stockist, write to: D. Senker & Son Ltd., Dept. R.1. Kingsland Road, London E.2. 

Denson Shoes
Detail from Denson Shoes advert, October 1964.

Denson ShoesDenson Shoes

A two-page advert for the new Denson Shoes range for men, October 1964. 


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine, Issue No.9, October 1964. Discover more about the soon to be relaunched Denson Shoes Company originally Established in London in 1951―a pioneer in the 20th century's fashion revolution. Read These Denson Shoes were made to be stolen|Joe Jackson & Brian Griffen (1979) via the excellent The Historialist of Shoes and Shoemakers. You'll find further reading on The Story of the Chelsea Boot via The Look. Watch shoemaker and designer Stan Bartholomeu creating a pair of Winklepickers in 1960 based on a 15th Century design. View some of my previous posts about Men's shoes and style from this period in Whatever Happened to Stephen Topper and Topper Shoes Carnaby Street; Score with Coleshoes! (1967); Dandy Fashion: The Biba Men's Range 1969-1975; plus lots of  mid 1960s shoe styles and brands featured in Just Dennis a boy's angle on boys' fashion Rave Magazine (1966); and a reminiscence of spats gone very new in The Immanence of the Past Cavalli Shoes Queen Magazine (1969); Loon Boots, Brothel Creepers, Bombers, Spacers, and Slags! (1974). And finally, the inspiration behind The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

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