Wednesday, 19 September 2018

From Mary Quant, a completely new look!┃19 Magazine (1970)

From Mary Quant,
 a completely new look!

Why should it just be Nature who changes her face for Autumn? Wine-dark Autumn colours to wear against a pale, powdered face. Jeepers Peepers eyeshadow in six rich colours; a new Shadow Stick in mahogany; four new moist lipsticks in colours like crushed grapes; and four toning nail polishes.

Mary Quant Make-Up 1970s

Mary Quant Make-Up

All content scanned and transcribed by Sweet Jane from 19 Magazine, November 1970. Photographer and Model uncredited/unknown. View some of my previous Mary Quant Make-Up posts ➽ Co-ordinated Quant (1966); Mary Quant gives you the Bare Essentials (1966); Mary Quant Cosmetics (1967); The Five Faces of Twiggy (1968) in which, Twiggy's 'Ginger Rogers' look is achieved using Mary Quant Make-Up. Film footage of Mary Quant and her Make-Up range (1968). View Mary Quant - Una donna un paese (1972) almost 20 minutes of fantastic Quant and London street fashion filmed around the King's Road and Chelsea area, plus an extensive interview with Mary (over dubbed in Italian). Visit Mary Quant Cosmetics Ltd.. The forthcoming retrospective exhibition Mary Quant at the V&A, opens on Saturday, 6th April 2019. Swinging London: A Lifestyle Revolution (1952-1977) opens February 8th 2019 at the Fashion and Textile Museum—this exhibition presents the fashion, design and art of the Chelsea Set; a group of radical young architects, designers, photographers and artists who redefined the concept of youth and challenged the established order in 1950s London. At the forefront of this group of young revolutionaries were Mary Quant and Terence Conran. And finally, “Days decrease, and Autumn grows, Autumn in everything." (1971). 


  1. so where does anyone purchase anything from her?? items on ebay few and far far far between..

    1. I agree, I've occasionally seen some items on Etsy and 1stDibs. But I think a lot more will begin to surface after both of the forthcoming Mary Quant exhibitions in 2019.