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Show Yourself In Your True Colours┃Jackie Magazine (1971)

Does your personality show through your clothes? (You want to watch what you wear, luv!). No, really, you can tell a lot about people by the colours they wear - especially if they seem to favour one particular colour! To find out a bit more about your friends and also what type you are yourself, look over the colours we've chosen below as example.

Jackie Magazine 1970s fashion

1970s fashion Jackie Magazine

If you seem to have more red gear looming out of your wardrobe than any other colour then as far as you're concerned RED certainly doesn't mean Stop!  You're the ''all systems go'' type, with no holds barred! You'll go all out to get what you want and if anything looks like standing in your way you can surmount it with the minimum of effort. Male-wise you go to the top. Good-looking, plenty  cash to see you have a good time, but he has to have an understanding nature because YOUR way is ALWAYS best!  Get yourself easily spotted in this one-button blazer and reverse print shirt. The shirt has long sleeves and stops at the waist.  Complete your outfit with a flirty skating skirt and hat.  Jacket from all branches of Bus Stop. Style No.498 £6.95. Fabric: Cotton. Colours: Red, blue, green or yellow, all with white. Sizes 8-14. Spottie blouse from all Bus Stop branches. Style No.3932 Price: £4.95. Fabric: Rayon. Colours: Red or Blue on White. Sizes 8-14. Skating skirt by Miss Impact.  Style No. C5024. Price: £1.80. Fabric: Jersey. Colours: Black, brown, purple, red. Sizes: 10-14. Woven hat from selection at Herbert Johnson. Style: Della. Price: £2.50. Colours: Natural, red, white, black, navy. Stripey socks from Mr. Freedom. Price: £2.40.

1970s fashion illustration jackie magazine

Lots of ''blue'' people are really ''reds'' in disguise because blue is the soft shade of innocence and a lot of crafty ''reds'' would like to think of themselves as such! But true blues are easily spotted. They have this warm friendliness about them which never fails to capture the hearts of those around. Love is the mainstay of their lives. Without it they can't survive so, needless to say, they are rarely without the company of a dishy bloke. Have a fit of  the blues—the happy kind of course—in a short skirt and sexy stockings. Shirt by Impact. Style No. D4070. Price: £4. Fabric: Bonded crepe. Colours: Black, brown, burgundy, purple, blue. Sizes: 10-14. Shorts by Medusa. No style number. Price £3.50. Fabric: Velveteen. Colours: Assorted. Sizes: 10-14. Socks by Morley. Style: Hot Socks. Price: 59p. Colours: White, navy, black. One size.

1970S fashion illustration from jackie magazine

We all have our problems, dear. We won't go as far as to call you a ''schizo''―just a bit mixed up! One minute you're bombing about like a mad thing and the next you've got a hefty dose of the galloping gloomies! You're one of those people who enjoys a challenge but once it's beat, you immediately lose interest. You never stick to any particular thing-including blokes! Your man will have to be willing to share you with lots of others because you change fella's just about as often as you change your gear. Mix yourself up in a myriad of colours. Two t-shirts—one a vest and the other with short sleeves by Maudie Moon. Short sleeve Style No. MMM5. Price: £2.50. Fabric 100% Acrilan single jersey. Colours: As illustrated. Sizes: Small, medium. Trousers by Travers Tempos. Style No. 527. Price £5.75. Fabric: Facecloth. Assorted colours: Sizes 10-16. Flattie shoes with instep lacing from main branches of Lilley and Skinner. Style: Astra.  Price: £4.99. Fabric: Suede. Colours: Raspberry/pink. rust/brown. black/purple. Sizes: 3-8.


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Jackie Magazine No. 402. September 18th, 1971. Illustrations/Artist uncredited in the original publication. Further reading on the subject of Colour Psychology and The Emotional Effects of Colours. The role and meaning of colours for a spiritual seeker, and how colours can have a significant effect on our lives. Color is for everyone! 1968. She Comes In ColorsAny Colour You Like, She's like a Rainbow. View some of my previous Jackie Magazine posts from 1969 and 1970. Discover more about Herbert Johnson Hatters, and view Twiggy wearing one of their hats in Vogue, 1967.  A forum for anyone who remembers or worked in Kensington Market London 1970s-1995. And finally, the excellent Fans of Jackie Magazine UK  Facebook group. 

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