Friday, 6 May 2016

How much is a Beatle worth?┃Rave Magazine (1966)



Only you know how much they mean to you personally. But here's how much they're worth financially…The Beatles are willing to talk about most things in their lives except―their money, probably because they don't even know how much they've got! Here, RAVE attempts to unveil one of the biggest secrets in pop, with an exclusive breakdown on Beatle wealth.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE Magazine, December 1966, all original research material for the article by George Tremlett. Discover more about Taxman, the opening track on the Beatles' 1966 Revolver album here. Read about The Beatles' foray into retail via Apple Boutique & The Fool Design Collective in one of my previous posts hereYou Never Give Me Your Money―a lament about The Beatles' business wranglings of early 1969 here. Further information about Dandie Fashions & Apple Tailoring located at 161 Kings Road here. View the interior of 161 as it is today & more, on The King's Road Music & Fashion Trail here. And finally, read about Leslie Cavendish, the Vidal Sassoon trained stylist who ran the Beatles' Hairdressing Salon in the basement of Apple Tailoring here.

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