Thursday, 21 April 2016

Un diamant est éternel┃Nicole Claveloux (1970)

 Nicole Claveloux 

Image scanned for the Sweet Jane blog from ELLE Magazine 13th April 1970 with thanks to Brad Jones. Illustration for De Beers by Nicole Claveloux. Visit the artist's official website here. View other examples of 'The Psychedelic Illustrations of Nicole Claveloux' & discover more about her on the excellent Golden Haze blogspot here. How an ad campaign invented the diamond as an engagement ring here. And finally, view another psychedelic advert from the 1969 De Beers diamonds campaign  in one of my previous post here


Monday, 4 April 2016

On a quiet afternoon, when the world stands still (1970)

On a quiet afternoon, when the world stands still

On a quiet afternoon when the world stands still, and a five o'clock breeze blows fresh against your face, It's a moment as clear and crisp as a silver bell. In the Smirnoff life style, a time worth spending on cool thoughts and bright, free-wheeling dreams.

Image scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE Magazine, 26th June 1970. Photographer Uncredited.