Sunday, 14 February 2016

Cutex Love Whispers┃Rave Magazine (1966)


Image scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE Magazine, November 1966. If you're ever in Dublin you can visit the Shrine of St Valentine, Patron Saint of Love here, if you're 'In Love with the New York Dolls' you can read an extract from Any Old Way You Choose It: Rock and Other Pop Music, 1967-1973 by Robert Christgau here, or listen to a radio promo for The New York Dolls St. Valentines Day Massacre concert in 1974 here, Watch the New York Dolls Lipstick Killers Gang promo here, On a much darker note, you'll find the bloody and brutal tale of the real St Valentine's Day Massacre here, Don't Mess With Cupid here, and last but not least, Woody Allen on Love and Death ...''I hope you're getting this down'' here, Happy Valentine's Day! 

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