Saturday, 22 November 2014

Looking For Laughs | Life (1967)



Confront a modern manufacturer with square pegs and round holes, or vice versa, and he'll make a pair of sunglasses out of these. There was a time when sunglasses were worn only to cut glare and avoid squint lines, but then youth took over. Ever since, "shades" have been as much to look at as through, and designing females buy them less for shielding eyes than for turning heads. This summer's glasses such as those shown above from Debs $4) accelerate the trend-not just attention getting but in many instances funny." It's gotten so," says one manufacturer, "we could sell them even without lenses."

Eyes shaped like a Halloween mask are created with a plastic overlay on the lenses (Foster Grant $5).


Other sunglasses resemble anything from insect eyes to ice cream parlor awnings. Above, striped fabric covers top half of the lenses, lower half is shadowed by a canopy (Renauld, $9).

         Above, Dog-bone shaped pair has border of Paisley print (Renauld, $8).

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE 16 June 1967. Photographs by Charles P. Mills & Lee Boultin.

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