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Paris in the 70s: Spring Collections | Petticoat Magazine (1970)

Paris in the 70s

Spring Collections


This is Paris, Spring '70, though to the uninitiated it might look more like the Wild West than Right Bank. Some designs are familiar, some so beyond the fringe as to pass without comment, and some so beautiful that you'll stop at nothing to get your hands on them. High on the wanted list are suedes with Aztec-Indian embroidery and tiny, chin-knotted scarves and long-line boots. There are extra-bulbous knickerbockers with tunic tops that halt firmly at the buttocks, midi-length satin or silk-jersey, pin-tucked or slit to the waist, spotted suede, squaw fringing, laced-up sleeves - in every length from mini to maxi!

Left to Right: Feraud, again, gone Indian with embroidered silk jersey midi dress, and thong boots; Dior in mauve wool coat with circle print dress, matching scarf, bobble knit cap; Feraud's squaw dress, suede fringed in layers with patch embroidery and tons of lacing! Ultra-lean Dior - maxi culottes, skinny top and fringed shawl with snake boots.

Left to Right: Ungaro's knickerbocker suede suit, with matching boots, stetson and choker scarf; Torrrente's midi dress in lilac voile, with pin-tucking, toning tights, granny shoes; Ungaro's satin midi-coat with massive scarf, and flowery printed pants, all in lilac; Feraud showing a leg in a bezaz of dots, with a hooch of beaded circles.


All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Petticoat magazine April 4th 1970. Original editorial by Sue Hone, Sketches by Leslie Chapman.

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