Monday, 16 June 2014

Linweave Tarot | The Original Artwork (1967)


I always enjoy reading the post comments left by readers of the Sweet Jane blog, but every now and then a really interesting one turns up. I was particularly intrigued to hear from Kenneth O'Connell recently, regarding the Linweave Tarot deck issued in 1967, which I had first posted about around two years ago. Kenneth actually has in his possession some of the 'original artwork' used to create the cards, which he salvaged from the aftermath of a fire at the Linweave Paper Mill in Holyoke MA., where they were produced. And he has very kindly given me permission to include them in this post. There are six in total, two by Hy Roth, three by Ron Rae and one by David Mario Palladini, which is the only one that differs slightly from the final printed version. Although they are no longer in the best of shape, I think it's amazing that they survived at all given the circumstances, especially as everything else in the mill was destroyed by fire or water damage! You can view my original posts about the Linweave Tarot deck via the links at the end of the page, thanks again to Ken for giving me the opportunity to share these ones.

  Junon, illustrated by Hy Roth.

  Le Roi d'Épée, illustrated by David Mario Palladini.

       Le Cheval de Denier, illustrated by Ron Rae.

  Le Roi de Denier, illustrated by Ron Rae.

La Reine de Denier, illustrated by Ron Rae.

L'Etoile, illustrated by Hy Roth.

All images courtesy of Kenneth O'Connell. You can view my original Linweave Tarot post here  and view some more examples from the Linweave deck here.


  1. Ohh, amazing!! I was finally able to track down a set a little while back, and it's one of my favorite possessions of magical artwork. So interesting to see the original illustrations here - they are just beautiful!! Thanks so much (as always) for sharing!

  2. Thank you! These are really amazing!