Monday, 13 January 2014

Walric Fabric - Vanity Fair (1965)

Walric Fabric 

WALRIC HAS DESIGNS ON YOU...and in the nicest possible way, because prints are IN...and what a pretty profusion of patterns there are, showing in the new collection of WALRIC fabrics. Way-out, with-it or just quietly smart, there are designs galore on the Linen-Look, Tricels, cottons and other easily-tubbables. And where are they? Almost everywhere that good fashion fabrics are sold by the yard.

ON THE HANGERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, a Tricel surah at about 10/11; the Linen-Look heavily textured at about 11/9; another Tricel surah at about 10/11 ■BEHIND THE CHAIR: An example of toning, plain colour in the heavier Linen-Look at about 8/11; and the printed Linen-Look in a finer texture about 8/11 ■ON THE CHAIR, FROM FRONT: a screen-printed cotton about 8/11; a cotton surah about 7/11; a Tricel surah about 10/11 ■ all fabrics shown are 35"/36" wide and priced per yard.

 Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Vanity Fair, March 1965.


  1. wonderful! Sewing and fabric adds where so much nicer in the 60s. Nowadays their all aimed at quilting type people or older sewers. Very boring and uninspiring. I showed some sewing advertisements from the 1969 Simplicity sewing book on my blog recently!

  2. Thanks Catherine! The sewing adverts from the 60s and 70s are among some of my favourites, the ones from Seventeen magazine are particularly good, I've posted a couple of them on here previously but I have lots more that I haven't even scanned yet (Seventeen is large format publication, so it can be awkward to capture a decent image sometimes), I'll definitely check out your blog for the Simplicity post!

    1. Gosh! could you imagine any type of craft or sewing add in Seventeen or teen vogue nowadays? definitely not the same market that they used to advertise too! I'll need to go hunting for these other images...

  3. I know, it would never happen these days, back then there were as many sewing adverts per issue as there were cosmetic adverts..this is one that I scanned two years ago, it's a six page article about McCalls Biba patterns, which is how Biba initially broke into the American market. if that link doesn't work just do a google search for Sweet Jane /Biba's American Debut 1971 and it should show up, I also have the McCall's Twiggy Catalogue from 1968 (it's huge) should be on here somewhere, I scanned it ages ago.

  4. I just love the fabric adverts from the 60s, thanks for scanning this!


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