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What To Wear When The Lid's Off (1968)

What To Wear When The Lid's Off

The problem is to stay smartly unruffled with the top off. A man can wear anything with his wardrobe of convertible cars except very long hair or a kilt. Girls, though they're less likely to own flashy cars, soon get to know all about them. So they wear trousers, culottes or shorts and protect their hair with jazzy scarves and hats, to catch the eye of bird-and car-fancier alike.

Left: White crepe trouser suit, belted cardigan style with diamante buttons and buckle, by Marrian McDonnell, 80 Sloane Avenue, London SW3, 18gns. Long, lurex scarf with tasselled fringe is splendid draught excluder, 4gns., from Liberty, Regent Street W1. Silver shoes, £6 16s. 6d., from Elliotts, 76 New Bond Street, W1 and branches. Diamante ring by Adrien Mann, 10s. 6d. Right: Snug-fitting evening suit with wide silk revers, $36, crinkled crepe poloneck shirt, £7 10s,. both from Club 92, Aquascutum, Regent Street, W1; Manchester and Bristol. Car; Chevrolet Corvette.

Left: Sturdy canvas tent coat and pleated culottes, both short, pocketed and proofed, £14 3s. 6d. by Young Jaeger, from Jaeger, 204 Regent Street, W1; Jersey pull-on hat £4 5s. (price includes matching scarf), from Malyard, 12 Ganton Street, W1 and Wardrobe at Michael's, Ealing. Printed chiffon scarf by Bernard Neville, £2 17s. 6d., from Liberty's. Gilt hoop earrings, by Adrien Mann, 7s. 6d. Gloves, 39s. 6d., from Fenwicks, New Bond Street, W1., and Newcastle. Fishnet stockings by, by Bonnie Doon, 1gn., from Simpsons. Gaberdine boots, 14gns., from Magli, 114 New Bond Street, W1.  Right: Pinstripe suit, £36, striped Viyella poloneck shirt, £5 15s. 6d., gloves, £2 9s. 6d., all from Aquascutum, London, Manchester and Bristol. Driver's gangster hat, 5gns., from Malyard. Accurist chronograph £26 17s. 6d., from Leslie Davis, 266 Oxford St W1; Muir, Manchester. Car; Jaguar E-Type

Left: Python jacket, waisted and slinky, by Ossie Clark, 25gn. with cream linen shorts, 3gn., from Quorum, 52 Radnor Walk, SW3; all branches of fifth Avenue. Jungle-striped chiffon scarf, £2 17s 6d. by Bernard Neville from Liberty. Bamboo bangles by Adrien Mann, 7s. 6d. each. Gilt rings by Corocraft, 7s. 6d. each from Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1. Mesh knee socks by Bonnie Doon 1gn., from Fenwicks. Ochre brogues, 6gns., from Ronald Keith, 117 Oxford Street, W1., Manchester and Jersey.  Right: Almond green lambswool sweater, 5 gns., and matched up French cotton trousers from 5gns., reversible suede to leather jacket, zippered pockets one side, poppered on reverse, £27, all from Cue at Austin Reed, 103 Regent St W1., Two-tone driving gloves, £2 15s., from Aquascutum. Sunglasses, 6 gns.; write to Oliver Goldsmith, 60 Poland St, W1, for a list of stockists. Adrien Mann jewellery on these pages from Harrods, Knightsbridge SW1; Robinson & Cleaver, Belfast. Car; Alfa Romeo Spider 1750. 

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from the Observer magazine 24 March 1968. Original article by Liz Smith. Photographed by Duffy in Europark's underground car park at Marble Arch.


  1. Wonderful, I've always wondered where that Ossie picture came from and if there were others. Thanks again for the fabulous post!

  2. Thanks a mil! Had always wondered where it originated from too, fell in love with the version of it printed in 'Boutique' by Marnie Fogg years ago and eventually managed to track it down.


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