Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Temporary Tattoo by Societe Domain 1967 (Pt Two)

The Temporary Tattoo 

Some more examples of the 'temporary tattoos' created by Societe Domain in 1967 which I picked up during the summer. It's difficult to tell exactly how they would look when used because the scans are on the reverse but I really like the Military Medal, the classic 'Pointing Hand' and pretty much all of them from the final scan. A brief history about the origins of the temporary tattoo can be found on the excellent Tattoo Archive website here and my previous post featuring another set of the tattoos in this series by Societe Demain can be found here.

   All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Tatu: The Temporary Tattoo by Societe Demain,  Paris, France, 1967.

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