Monday, 14 October 2013

Just Jeans! | Loving Magazine (1972)

★ ★ ★ JUST JEANS! ★ ★ ★

This week, fashion gets a leg-up and shows-off all that's good in jeans. While you're reading about it, there's some pretty snazzy-looking shirts and sweaters well worth wearing too.

1970s fashion
At the top: Pale green cord jeans, £4.50 by Levi. Navy sweater, £4.00 by John Craig. Ladybird print shirt, £5.90 by Jasper. Hat £2.00 by Biba. Left to right: Calico jeans with badges, £5.80 by Pierre Elegante. Yellow, roll-neck sweater, £3.00 and blue vest, £4.00 both by John Craig. Cotton hat, £3.95 from Herbert Johnson. Dark brown cord jeans, £4.49 from Lewis Shops Group. Rust sweater, £3.60 by John Craig. Strawberry print shirt, £3.93 and matching hat, £3.81 both by Dranella. Plum velvet jeans, £6.30 by London Togs. White, roll-neck sweater, £3.00 both by John Craig. Beret, 80p by Kangol.

1970s fashion
Left to right: Denim jeans, £3.99 from the Lewis shops group. Cape sleeve sweater from a selection by Erica Budd. Cherry print shirt, £5.90 by Jasper. Beret, 80p by Kangol. Ravel navy clogs, £3.99.  Brown cord jeans, £5.50 by Medusa. Orange sweater, £4.00 by John Craig. Checked shirt, £5.30 by Richard Green. Beret, 50p by Kangol. Thigh-high socks, £1.20 from Mr.Freedom, Ravel clogs, £6.99. Rust, cord jeans, £4.50 by Levi. Elephant design sweater, £1.85 from the Lewis Shops Group. Pull-on hat from a selection at Bus Stop. Pale blue jeans, £3.99, striped sweater and vest, £3.75 the set, All from the Lewis Shops Group. Denim hat, £2.40 by Edward Mann. Socks £1.20 from Mr. Freedom. Ravel clogs, £5.50.



All content scanned and transcribed by Sweet Jane from LOVING 12th February 1972. Styling and original fashion report by Ann Carpenter. All Photographs by Roger Charity. Posted with thanks to Kirstin Sibley. View some more of my scans from Loving magazine (1972), this particular one features a very young Lorraine Chase. Further examples of early seventies fashion, via The Picture of Fashion (1972), Mr Freedom, Orphan Annie, and Rags for Riders (1971). And finally, when you wake up, in the morning light..remember to pull your Jeans On.



  1. love these shoots. Cheeky cheek shots, cool jeans and gorgeous colours within those lovely tops.. was LOVIN a regular UK fashion mag??

    1. Thanks,love them too! Not sure about the history of the magazine yet, I received a present of two issues in the post this morning and was instantly smitten with this fashion editorial. So these are the only two that I have ( both are from february 1972) but it seems to have been a weekly publication, published every wednesday by IPC Magazines Ltd, the editor was called Bill Williamson.

  2. I love this spread, the styling is fantastic.

  3. Also, the prices are interesting. You know you were getting quality, something made very well..... Today you could spend that much in a cheap low end store but you will be getting poorly made goods.