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Belt On! Pull In! Curve Out! | Illustrations by Antonio | Intro Magazine (1967)

Illustrations by Antonio  

I first posted some examples of these fashion illustrations by Antonio Lopez here on the Sweet Jane blog back in 2012, which I had scanned from a fantastic book called Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s. However, I have since acquired a copy of the very first issue of Intro, which is where they were originally published in September of 1967. I had been searching for this particular issue for quite a while, there just doesn't seem to be many of them in circulation these days, which is not too surprising really because it is 46 years old this month after all! But, I have to was definitely worth the wait (and every penny that it cost) to finally see Antonio's work as it was intended to be seen! These illustrations are absolutely breathtaking, they're spread over three double-pages measuring 22"x 17½" each, now, I want you to take a moment to think about those dimensions...we're talking poster sized here! When was the last time you saw the main fashion editorial in a contemporary magazine illustrated? and on that scale!..and the illustrated content is not just confined to this editorial, the entire magazine fully integrates illustration on almost every page, including the cover (both back and front). In fact, I think I will eventually get some prints made and have them framed, because as much as I admire fashion photography, 'fashion illustration' has always been my first love, and these images are such superb examples of a time when it was still in its glory days, before fashion photography had surpassed it, to become the more widely used medium of the two.

The magazine is far too large to fit onto my usually trustworthy flatbed scanner, and although I've done my best, it's impossible to truly do them justice under the circumstances. In reality, they are far more vibrant, but if you click on each individual image you will at least be able to view a larger version of the work. Alternatively, if you happen to live in the London area or have plans to visit the city sometime over the next two months, you may be lucky enough to view the real thing, thanks to designer Roland Mouret (also a long time admirer of Antonio's work) who, in conjunction with East of Mayfair will be hosting a special Antonio Lopez selling exhibition, including previously unseen works by the legendary fashion illustrator, in celebration of what would have been his 70th birth year. The exhibition which opens today, takes place at the Roland Mouret concept store house, 8 Carlos Place, London W.1., and runs through to the 20th of October 2013. The celebration doesn't end there, M.A.C have just launched a limited edition range of cosmetics inspired by Lopez, and you can view an original film clip of the artist at work (highly recommended), plus interviews with three of his former muses, the models  Jerry Hall, Marisa Berenson and Pat Cleveland, as well as the M.A.C Antonio Collection in this promotional video for the range.


Belting into fashion―the cinched in waist. You've been waiting for this since skinny sweaters stretched to dresses and tenty shapes narrowed to the body. Big, beautiful belts, buckled or buttoned, clinch the move to femininity with the greatest look to arrive since the birth of the mini skirt.

Left to right: Deep cummerbund - the cinched-in tent, £4 19s 11s., sizes 10-16, by Present Trend, for The Cobbler Club Postal Boutique. Narrow chain links―wide pleats accentuate shape, 9½ gns. Turquoise, green or navy, 10-14, Polly Peck. Numeral earrings, 2gns., from Paris House. Soft self belt―circles waist naturally; high-collared tucked bodice. Other colours, green, beige, pink, orange, brown, 10-16, £6 19s 6d.

From left to right: Rocker studs revived on belts. Separates dress―pinch-stitched skirt; narrow knitted top. Orange or beige knit with brown flannel, 7½ gns., 10-14, Ricki Reed. Suede gloves, 42s. 6d., Kir waist-cinched―military coat, with stiff necked collar; tunic pockets. Silver buttons trim fold of back pleat. Three shades of brown, 13½ gns., 35-38 length. Elgee gloves, nylon 12s. 6d., Kir. Metal buckled coat/jacket - belt pulled tight; straight trousers, new turn-ups. 15½ gns., 10-14, Elgee.  Earrings, 2gns., Paris House. Broad belt - tight fit. Flare on chunky tweed coat; slit pockets; revers, 10½ gns., 10-14, Sidwall Earrings 15s. 6d. Corocraft.

Wide sash (far left)―new shape. Flared spotted nylon in royal, pale blue, emerald or red. Sizes 10-14 by Gay Girl, 99s 11d. Double buckles (left)―the big belt. Cinched in Soft wool in mustard/green or green/red, red/black. Sizes 8-16, Mornessa, 8½gns.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Intro Issue No.1 September 23rd 1967. All Illustrations by Antonio Lopez. The Official Cathee Dahmen tribute blog (supermodel, muse and friend of Antonio Lopez). Antonio: Fashion, Art, Sex, Disco (published September 2012). For those of you who can't make it to the exhibition, some examples of the work on display can be viewed on the East of Mayfair online art gallery. And finally, an update (2017) Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex Fashion & Discofeature documentary-based time capsule by James Crump, concerning Paris and New York between 1969 and 1973 and viewed through the eyes of Antonio Lopez. 


  1. I do love this kind of pictures!

  2. absolutely love these
    thank you for posting the info about the exhibition x

  3. love these illustrations! i had seen them floating around pinterest but they linked back to the OP. Thanks for posting these, i'd love to own all of these items!

  4. Wow!! That about sums up all of this - from the beautiful illustrations themselves to your description of their size (!), to the MAC palette... giant swoon!!

  5. You're so lucky to have these illustrations. They're gorgeous!
    As a young teen I had "The Seventeen Book of Fashion and Beauty" published in 1967 and illustrated by Garie Blackwell. I bought another copy a couple years ago as I remember how much I loved its illustrations. Some have the exact same poses as these by Lopez. I'll post them on my blog at some point.