Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The New Vamp (1968)


If you are old enough to remember bright red lipstick, then you are to old to wear it, according to most beauty experts. They claim it is too-ageing, too period-piece, rather like the campy trivia of the '30s which are shown at left. For teen-agers like Jane Hitchcock (above), however, crimson lips and nails are a whole new discovery, either in combination with a bonnie beret for a nostalgic bow, or for a swinging accent to a thoroughly late '60s costume.

Jane, 15, updates lipstick and nail polish with a fuzzy hippie hairdo by Kenneth, a mini-smock (Gayle Kirkpatrick, $70) and "monster" thong sandals by Bernardo. She does not wear pencilled brow and heavy eyeshadow of Jean Harlow, whose face decorates pillows behind her.
All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE magazine may 31st 1968. Photographs by Greene-Eula.

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