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The Name is the Game: Rudi Gernreich (1968)



 The Name Is the Game 

Once, fashionable ladies kept their dressmakers' names secret but now they wear them on their heads, backs, and even toes. In the three outfits above - that photographer Bill Bell designed as props for an upcoming avant-garde movie called Recess - the name has become an integral part of the costume. The girl at left in Rudi Gernreich's jersey tunic and tights ($78) dangles scarf on which his name stands out in red. Adolfo's sailor beret ($65) bears his name on the band, and less anyone fail to get the message, the evening coat ($270) is imprinted with B.H Wragge's  name no less than 650 times.

Girl above wears two yards of silk scarf almost covered with four-inch block letters spelling Chester Weinberg's first name ($28).

Scarf, draped gypsy-fashion on a girl's head (Glentex $12) contrasts designer's name, Rudi Gernreich, with the no-sense-making letters in the rest of the print pattern.

Images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE magazine September 13th 1968. Photographs by Bill Bell.

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  1. The one piece I do own like this is a Diane von Furstenberg scarf. I love they way text can make cool patterns. My scarf is black with beige print and the contrast really looks great especially since from a distance you can't tell what it says, or if it's even text.
    Great post!


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