Saturday, 17 November 2012

Choose your new face at Selfridges (1969)

Choose your new face at Selfridges

Vintage 1960s Selfridges advert

Choose your new face at Selfridges
The biggest cosmetics department in the country. And the best. And it isn't even confusing. To start with you'll find it without even looking. Right in the centre of Selfridges Ground Floor. Then you'll see it's divided into separate cosmetic houses. With top consultants from Elizabeth Arden, Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Orlane, Revlon, Helena Rubinstein and everybody else who's anybody. And they nearly always choose Selfridges to launch their new products. And hold their special promotions. And give away their free gifts. So if it's a new face you want. Come to Selfridges. And if you want a new hairstyle to match try one of the wigs on the Ground Floor east. Or the new Hairdressing and Beauty salons on the Third Floor will do wonders with your own hair. A new body to go with it all? Take a Sauna or experience a Massage. Also in the Third Floor salons. Give us a chance and we'll make a new woman of you.

Image and original text scanned from The Sixties in Queen published by Ebury Press, advert first published in Queen Magazine 1969.

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