Monday, 5 November 2012

The Glimmer Look (1967)


Jewels, twentieth-century style: four glimmering striped skimmers! Glimmer-green T, above, of Arnel and Celanese nylon knit (Winkler) striped and belted in hot pink. By Kandy Kaye Jr. Petites; about $18. Hattie Carnegie earrings.


Three neon-striped shinies to seize a discotheque spotlight. Bared-away chevron stripes, orange on black, about $25. Maison de Fou earrings, Mr Wepin, Capezio shiny shoes.  Shiny bars of hot pink and black, circled and bowed by more of the same, about $30. Maison de Fou earrings, Hattie Carnegie ring, VanEli shoes. Emerald and black chevron stripes for a tent swung from a high collar, about $25. Tacoa earrings, Piccolino shoes. All three of Wales shiny acetate, by Norman Sacks. Stockings by Christian Dior.

All images and original text scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen magazine September 1967, Photographer: Carmen Schiavone, Hairdos by Magrit of Elizabeth Arden.

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