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Linweave Tarot 1967 | The illustrations of Hy Roth, Ron Rae, David Mario Palladini and Nicolas Sidjakov (Part One).


Linweave Tarot

 Spells Your Fortune

The Linweave Tarot Deck was issued in 1967 as part of an incredibly inventive publicity campaign to promote a range of paper by the newly relaunched Linweave Creative Paper Company. Long established with the top designers and specifiers in the graphic arts, they had recently been taken over by the Brown Company of Park Avenue, New York, and underwent an image transformation in the process. Although essentially a promotional/novelty product consisting of only 42 cards rather than the 78 expected in a standard Tarot deck, this doesn't deter from them in any way, and apparently they can still be used to tell fortunes with a simplified nine card oracle system which the Linweave company had specially devised. They are all beautifully illustrated by the four chosen artists―David Mario Palladini (ten cards), Hy Roth (ten cards), Ron Rae (ten cards) and Nicolas Sidjakov (12 cards). 

Each card comes with a divinatory meaning transcribed on the back plus a description of the type of paper that they are printed on, and some promotional information. They are also much larger in size than the average deck, measuring 8½" x 5½" which adds even more to their appeal. I had wanted a pack of these cards for a long time, and I eventually found an unused/sealed deck for sale on Amazon last year. They arrived through the post (all the way from the Summer of Love) in pristine condition, but oddly enough when I opened them, I discovered that the instructions for use were missing, so I took it as a sign that perhaps I'm not meant to tell fortunes after all. Obviously as a collector, I would prefer to own a completely intact set, however, I've come to the conclusion that it's actually ok, because the reason that I wanted them in the first place anyway was based purely on their aesthetic merit, they are absolutely stunning! So there's no point in complaining because I got exactly what I was looking for. As there are 42 cards in the deck, I've decided to upload them in four separate groups purely because there is quite a lot of scanning and editing involved, so I shall call this post 'part one'.

I've also included some links to further reading that I've found about the artists involved, but was saddened to discover while researching, that Hy Roth had passed away at the end of last year, especially as his illustrations in particular are among some of my favourites. There seems to be very little information in general about him online which surprises me, as was incredibly talented. However, there is a tribute page recently dedicated to him on Facebook so hopefully in time people will contribute more information to that.

L' Etoile
 (The Star) 
Divinatory meaning: Hope, aa bright future. But beware of theft, loss, abandonment. Negative: Arrogance, self-importance, impotence, despair. This card is lithographed on Linweave L'Aiglon. Color: blue, Cover Weight: Substance 80. Artist: Hy Roth. 

L' Impératrice
  (The Empress
Divinatory meaning: Fruitfulness. This card may indicate initiative or action needed to bring about fruition of a project or relationship, also, a length of days. There may be difficulty, doubt, ignorance, and the unknown. Negative: The coming to light of complicated matters, indecision. This card is lithographed on Linweave L'Aiglon. Color: Pink, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist David Mario Palladini.      

Divinatory meaning; The female Querent or Inquirer. (If you are a woman, this card is you-in relationship to the other cards laid out in a Tarot "fortune". If you are a man, the card represents the woman who interests you).  In addition, Juno stands for secrets, mystery, the unrevealed future, tenacity, wisdom, and science. Negative: Conceit, surface knowledge. This card is lithographed on Linweave Text, laid, antique. Color: Rose Buff, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist Hy Roth.


La Mort
Divinatory meaning: The card of endings, failures, death and destruction. If you are a man, it may mean the loss of a friend and benefactor; if a woman, many conflicts. Negative: Lethargy, sleep: hope destroyed. This card is lithographed on Linweave quality Tarõtext, laid. Color: India, Cover weight: Substance 65. Artist: Nicolas Sidjakov.

Divinatory meaning: The male Querent or Inquirer. (If you are a man, this card is you - in relation to other cards laid out in a Tarot "Fortune". If you are a woman this card represents the man who interests you.) In addition, Jupiter stands for inspiration, marriage, alliance, captivity, servitude; mercy and goodness; the older wiser man to whom you turn when you're in trouble or have a problem demanding good advice. Negative: Overkindness, weakness. This card is lithographed on Linweave Spectra. Color: Saffron, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist: Hy Roth.                                                 

La Justice
Divinatory meaning: Justice and equity; victory of the deserving side in law; triumph of the right. Negative: All bad aspects of law and legal complications, bigotry, bias, severity in justice. This card is lithographed on Linweave Spectra. Color: Bittersweet, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist Hy Roth.


Le Mat
 (The Fool)
Divinatory meaning: The flesh, the sensitive life, the spirit in search of experience-and atonement. A young man, breathing and savouring the freshness of the morning of life. The "dreamer" that is part of every creative person. Negative: Folly, mania, extravagance, frenzy. This card is lithographed on Linweave L'Ainglon. Color: Flame, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist: David Mario Palladini.

 (The Emperor)
Divinatory meaning: Will power, the higher Kingship of the intellect; stability, power, a great person; aid; conviction; authority. A 1475 version of this card showed Charlemange and his two sons. This card is lithographed on Linweave Text, laid, antique. Color: Yellow, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist David Mario Palladini.

L' Amoureux
 (The Lover)
Divinatory meaning: This is the card of love and passion, of attraction and beauty, of trials overcome, and of the artist wedded to his art. Negative: Failure, foolish desires, frustrations in marraige, the dry-spells in your creative life. This card is lithographed on Linweave L' Aiglon. Color: Tangerine, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist Ron Rae.


Le Roi de Denier
 (The King of Pence)
Divinatory meaning: A brown haired man with blue eyes. A businessman, manager, professor. Realizing intelligence, mathematical gifts; success in these areas. Negative: A vicious old man; vice, ugliness, weakness and corruption. This card is lithographed on Linweave quality Tarõtext. Color: Ivory, Cover weight: Substance 80. Artist Ron Rae.

La Force
Divinatory meaning: This card denotes strength and energy, courage and magnanimity, power and action in art and life. It foretells success and honours. Negative: Tyranny,weakness, disgrace. This card is lithographed on Linweave L'ainglon. Color: Tawny, Cover weight; Substance 80. Artist Hy Roth.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from The Linweave Tarot Pack,  1967. View some more examples from the Linweave Tarot deck, and also the original artwork


  1. Wow! Exquisite images! I'm especially entranced with Junon (Juno). Thank you so much for sharing this material with us!

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  3. Yes, please post the rest of them! They're so beautiful.

  4. I have some of the original artwork for the The Linweave tarot cards.
    The artwork was used to make the plates used to print the cards. if you email me I can send you photos of what i have.

    1. Thanks Kenn, that would be great, i'd love to see the original artwork! Can you send me your email via pm on the Sweet Jane Facebook page, there's a link to it here on the blog in the upper right corner just below the 'About Me' section.