Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mary Quant┃The Bare Essentials┃Rave Magazine (1966)




Mary Quant brings makeup up to date! Everything you need, nothing you don't, for the face of the moment. The bare essentials. It's a great breakthrough, based on what models actually use. Mary talked to dozens. They gave her the bare facts. Planned for today's bare bony big eyed look: Starkers, the nude make-up. Face Lighter, Face shapers to bring out, minimise, camouflage what you've got. Eye-Shapers Liquid Shadow in unobvious colours like Grape, Slate. 

Blot-Out to give lips a fair bare start. Brown Lip Shaper. Brush Lipsticks. In fact chisel brushes for everything. Madly Professional ! Nail colours geared to today's clothes: Chrome, PVC White, Camel +. In pairs, so you can combine them to make a third. Everything compact, portable, fussless. It's the quick commando beauty kit of the moment. The bare essentials for every girl who want's today's face. Strip-cartoon instructions give you the know-how step by step; get them from Mary Quant, 3 Ives Street, London SW3

1960s Mary Quant Make-Up Advert


  All content scanned and transcribed  scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine July 1966.

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