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Leslie Cavendish | The Beatles' Hairdresser (1967 - 1975)

The Beatles' Hairdresser

 1967 - 1975


 Leslie Cavendish

Leslie Cavendish - Vidal Sassoon trained stylist and personal hairdresser to The Beatles, was first introduced to Paul McCartney in October of 1966 through his then girlfriend Jane Asher, a regular client at the Vidal Sassoon salon in the Grosvenor Hotel. Shortly after that first meeting and for the following four years, he became personal hairdresser to all four members of the band and also went on to manage the 'by appointment only' Apple Hairdressing Salon which was located in the basement of Apple Tailoring Civil and Theatrical at 161 King's Road, working with them right up until they finally split and went their separate ways. Speaking of which, he was apparently summoned to attend to their hair shortly before the now infamous Savile Row rooftop gig in 1969 and after their demise continued to cut Paul and Linda McCartney's hair until 1975. Leslie eventually quit hairdressing in the late 1970s and moved abroad, but returned to London and his former profession a couple of years ago. These days, he can occasionally be found at the Joshua Altback Salon in St John's Wood. Or alternatively, you can contact him to make an appointment via leslie@beatleshairdresser.com. 

Important Note - 10th/August/2017: This post was originally published 6 years ago, and since then Leslie has stopped cutting hair professionally. However, you can still take one (or all three) of his personal guided tours of London for Beatles fans! You'll find the full itinerary of each tour, plus the booking details here. And you can also read more about Leslie's adventures, in his forthcoming memoir The Cutting Edge: The Story of the Beatles’ Hairdresser Who Defined an Era, published by Alma Books on August 24th, 2017.


Promotional photograph of Leslie Cavendish taken by John Kelly, courtesy of The Official Archive of Leslie Cavendish - The Beatles' Hairdresser from 1967-1975. Watch an interview with Leslie filmed in 2013, in which he discusses his time spent with the band here. It's one in a series of four interviews with Leslie on the Rockin The Seams youtube channel, the rest of which can be found here.  

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