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Talking Eyes by Max Factor | Rave Magazine (1967)



Your eyes are tell-tales. They gossip away to anyone who catches their glance. Talking in a different way as your mood switches. Sometimes soft and dreamy. Sometimes bold and bright. That's why Max Factor's eye make-up range is mood-blended in lots and lots of different tones. So your eyes and their make-up can always talk the same language. Telling the way you feel.

 All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine, April, 1967. 

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Angel Face Nothing On┃Twiggy┃Rave Magazine (1967)


Angel Face ―The Face Makers

Angel Face's most shameless stroke of genius. A completely new all-in-one make-up so subtly blended that the barest whisper covers and innocently underdressed that only you know it's there. Tomorrow, dare to be seen with Nothing On―you'll get away with it beautifully.


Image Scanned by Sweet Jane  from Rave Magazine, November (1967)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Swing, Fly, Glide! in Gossard's New Swing-Sette (1967)





Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine 1967.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Biba Girl Ingrid Boulting | Seventeen Magazine (1971)

Biba Girl
 Ingrid Boulting

A lovely feature on Biba model Ingrid Boulting, originally published in July 1971, detailing exactly how she achieved her own personal 'Biba Look' using products from the Biba cosmetics range. It was part of a six page Seventeen Magazine article, which also included the model Betty Sims (sister of Naomi Sims), as well as a young Veruschka look-alike.

 You Can Be What You Want To Be

Individuality starts when you take stock of yourself: note assets and use them to best advantage, cope with the liabilities. Be aware of of other people too and let their style guide you to a look of your own. Ready? Go to it!

"I love everywhere," says the new model in town Ingrid Boulting, who hit New York via Africa, London and Paris. Ingrid is poster girl for Biba, the super-boutique at Bergdorf Goodman. " The Biba look suited me. I always did my makeup like this." She applies it like the pro she is, starting with her eyes - and have you ever seen anything softer, smokier They're ringed with mulberry gel shadow begun at the inner corners with a definite line, stroked up and out and blended by tapping the cushion of her fourth finger; yellow shadow is the bright touch below the brows. Next comes mascara from a wand, first on lash tips, then again, top and bottom. Think you see freckles? They're brown pencil dots, "just something personal I like to do." Her mouth, stained with more mulberry, is outlined in brown and glossed to really signal its shine. When Ingrid wears lighter colors, like the mustard mix at right, she lightens her face too, with gleaming yellow foundation high on the cheekbone. See how round Ingrid's face is? Her ploy (yours should be too) is to accent rather than try hide obvious features. She does this by brushing dark contour powder just under the jawline to emphasize her strong chin. Hair is curved gently to frame her face. Ingrid's legs are also round and quite muscular from years of ballet training, but she doesn't let that stop her from a bold wrap up with laces. All makeup and fashions, including green top opposite, by Biba. Hairstyles by Maury Hopson.

Model Ingrid Boulting 1970s
                         Ingrid Boulting, photograph by Carmen Schiavone.                           


Model Ingrid Boulting 1970s
 Ingrid Boulting, photograph by Carmen Schiavone.

All Images scanned by Sweet Jane from Seventeen Magazine - July 1971, Photographer: Carmen Schiavone. Model: Ingrid Boulting. Hair by Maury Hopson. View some of my previous posts about Biba and Barbara Hulanicki Cosmetics. And discover more about Ingrid Boulting's career in Fashion, Art & Film, she is also the creator and founder of the Sacred Space Yoga Studio.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Revlon Action-Now Skincare (1969)



Image scanned by Sweet Jane from 60's All - American Ads published by TASCHEN 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Revlon Natural Wonder Un-Lipstick | Eye Magazine (1968)



Revlon unvents lipstick! 17 of the newest, palest, sheerest, mind-bending-est lipsticks in the world. Bare. Shiny. As close to nothing as a lipstick is ever going to get! 'Un-Lipstick'! The new fashion that makes everything else too much. These new 'Natural Wonders' are the very first blushes of colour that really keep their shine. And the colours―even the palest―really keep their pale. Never go blah. In brilliant little cases banded with ribbons of flowers. 17 colors! All clear as tinted glass, soft as girls.

vintage 1960s make-up  advert

Top Row (L to R): Yellowflower Cases: Nothing, Nothing Frosted, Skinnydip Pink, Grapevine, Orange Peel, Great Granny Red.

Center (L to R): Greenflower Cases: Polar Bare Pink, Come Heather, Lickety Pink, Sweet Potato, Gingerale, and Georgy Peach.

Bottom (L to R): Blueflower Cases: E.S Pink, Pithy Peach, Apricola, Enough Buff, In the Flesh, 


 Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Eye Magazine, August, 1968.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Chip-an-Outfit Kits | The Paco Rabanne influence (1968)

The Paco Rabanne Influence 

It would seem that the launch of Paco Rabanne's 1966 collection of 'Twelve Unwearable Dresses in Contemporary Materials' proved to be so popular (regardless of the title), that within a couple of years a girl could buy her own do-it-yourself  'unwearable' space age dress making kit for a mere $15!

  Chip-an-Outfit Kits

All it takes to be in the chips these days is perseverance and strong fingernails. The modernistic mini-dresses shown here are do-it-yourself designs made by linking together by hand hundreds of  perforated plastic discs with small metal rings. Instructions, plus rings and chips, enough for one design, come in a kit (by Mass Originals $15).

The tool-less no-sew technique results in see-through spaces in a chain-mail look pioneered by Paris' Paco Rabanne. The finished products, worn with white wigs (Reid and Meredith) and white tights, make a striking if somewhat strident entrance at summer parties.

Image & original text scanned by Sweet Jane  from Life Magazine, June 1968