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A Whole Fashion Scene Going! | Rave Magazine (1966)


It's all happening! Way-ahead and way-out, checked and un-checked, futuristic and historic…it all goes to describe the crazy mixed-up fashion scene RAVE has found this month. Six scenes that are making it big for Spring. And to complete our 'Whole Scene Going' we asked Wendy Varnals, get-ahead girl of the programme of the same name, to step into our fashion scene and complete the picture . . .


We're waving the flag again, this time for the new designs out for Spring. The London Look has hit the world, and the newest dresses are leaving the op look that the others have just caught on to way behind. This time they've added a dash of simplicity and crazy charm although it's still a black and white scene for our dresses.

Get a hat and get ahead (left) but don't go without the dress! It's a swinger in four different materials all in black and white, it's the new patch craze―so go get it! By Lee Cecil, it's £4. 19s. 6d. The hat is 2gns. Be the centre of attraction, like Wendy here, in a butcher's stripe grey and black dress with huge flat bow and a square neck, very flattering. It's from the Real Boutique and costs £6. 12s. 6d. Getting around, gadding about, do what you will with this dress from Rhona Roy, goes op but feminine, black and white crepe with huge keyholes and snazzy buttons, price 6. 19s. 6d.


We didn't dare leave PVC out because it's so IN and NOW, so here it is busting with colour and shine, breaking all bounds to be one jump ahead and looking so way out. 

Great new trouser suit from Angela at London Town (left) in knockout yellow and white. Suit is 10½gns. This trouser suit (centre) in PVC is bound to make you jump for joy it's so NOW. . . from Soukh Boutique, top and trousers can be bought separately but together it comes to 8gns. For authorities on outrageous gear here's a suit for you jet-setters. In pink and plum the sky's the limit. By Soukh Boutique, it's 9gns. 


Teriffic western ideas are sweeping the scene for casual clobber…all you need is a madras and denim outfit and you'll be down among the cactus and cattle or trend setting among your own clan.

Ideal down the farm or home on the range is this outfit of denim skirt and madras shirt by Duke Sportswear. Shirt is 32s. 11d. and the skirt is 26s. 11d. For a real tough look go down to Lord John's and get yourself a pair of cord Levi's like these. Trousers are £3. 9s. 11d. and the shirt is £3. 9s. 11d. You'll be rounding them up if you appear in this Levi jacket from Lord John's especially teamed with white slacks and hipster belt. The jacket costs £3. 9s. 11d.


Suddenly it's startlesville. White has made it on its own to stun and dazzle just because it does just that . . . No need to have op-art STOP signs, just make sure it is all white, don't have any other groovy shades creeping in!

Everything's coming up white piqué―here it is again in a white suit from Take Five boutique by Travers Tempo, £8. 15s. You'll need these Oliver Goldsmith dark glasses for this outfit―a gleaming white gaberdine trouser suit from Highlight Sports, £8. 19s. 6d. The 'no-sleeve' look from Rhona Roy (left). A dress for young ravers at 7gns.


Nothing tatty about this material―huge window pane checks in scatty colours and tones are 'in', so are all the geary clothes made up in it. Get hip with hipster skirts and trousers, coats and suits, shirt dresses, the lot in a wild tattersall look!

Go mad and get yourself a whole suit in large window pane checks lke this one (left) from Sidewall in greys. It's a winner at 10½gns. Action! (centre). The skirt is by Highlight Sports, 55s. and the white polo is by Neatawear, 39s. 11d. He'll be checking up on you in this trouser suit 9right) by Highlight Sports in red, white and blue, with bell bottoms and flared jacket, 7½gns.


Fabulous feminine look inspired by the Bardot/Moreau film 'Viva Maria'. Wear anything with a faint 'granny look', antique jewellery, button boots, and weird coloured specs.

Go dotty in a dress with a Tricel top and rayon skirt belted in one (left). In black and white, by Lee Cecil 6gns. Be one jump ahead (of granny anyway!) in a skirt and blouse from Neatawear (centre). Blouse is in Crepon in a super pink and costs 55s. Skirt is flared and costs 45s. Last but definitely not past is this dress (right) by Simon Ellis in a shirt style red and white stripe teamed with a blue skirt. Again it's given a wide belt and lots of feminine frills, price 6½ gns.


All content scanned and transcribed by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine, April 1966. Original Fashion Notes by Trilby Lane. All photographs by P.L. James. View a complete episode of A Whole Scene Going! which originally aired in 1966 with presenter Wendy Varnals (above) and her co-presenter Barry FantoniPrivate Eye writer and cartoonist, author, artist, designer of pop art backdrops for Ready, Steady, Go!,  sometimes actor and musician (1966). View some more examples of the trends mentioned in this post: Once Upon a Time in the West: The Girls' Round-Up (1966); Courrèges: Clothes of the Future (1965); Color For The Space Age (1966); The Paco Rabanne influence (1968); It's a White, White Christmas - Rave Fashion (1967); The Pop Market - A Raver's Guide to the Portobello Road Market (1966); The British Boutique Boom! (1965); All in the mood for showers and sun, the newest rainwear look comes all sleek and shiny; feather-weight ciré nylon, gleaming PVC, Queen Magazine (1969). And finally, a Coat and hat in PVC designed by Karen Møller for Soukh Boutique (1966).  

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