Sunday, 10 February 2019

Blow-Up! Inflatable Furniture | The latest idea on the furniture scene ┃Intro Magazine (1968)

Inflation is here―and to stay! Great new furniture packs into a carrier bag for moving; light enough to tuck under your arm and take to a party if you can't stand the pace. Just use a pump and a boyfriend's right arm to reassemble.

Sweet Jane's Pop Boutique ┃Intro Magazine 1968

FROM PARIS by Quasar Khanh, orange armchair £28 12s. 6d. See-through chair £19 10s. Poufffe-cum-floor lamp £9 12s. Countdown, Kings Road, Chelsea. By post Ultra-lite Ltd., 49 Conduit Street, London W.1.

FROM LONDON by Incadinc, comfy blue Air Chair, price 6 19s. 6d. Distributed by Goods and Chattels.

FROM HUNGARY, the Suzy chair makes a cosy fireside seat, doubles for beach-squatting too. Price about £2 19s. 6d. from large stores or by post from George W. Burger Ltd., 63 St Gabriel's Road. London N.W.2  

FROM AMERICA, crazy inflatable cushions; small ones £1 5s., large £3 3s. At Countdown, Kings Road Chelsea.

 Inflatable Furniture. The latest idea on the furniture scene (1968).


Image scanned by Sweet Jane from Intro Magazine, January 1968. Discover more about Quasar Khanh pioneer of inflatable Furniture, and view his 1968 'Aerospace' Collection via the Velvet Galerie. See also, Quasar Khanh: The exhumed treasures of a design genius, and read about the time when Khanh’s inflatable armchairs and loungers floated in the Piscina, alongside a pneumatic plastic house, supporting Missoni-clad models in Milan (1967).  View some other examples of  interiors from this period in some of my previous posts: The Biba Bed-Sitting Room (1970). Fun to live―with Designers Jon Wealleans and Jane Hill (1971); Pop Art Interior (1969); as well as furniture by one of the masters of Modernism, Queen magazine (1969). And finally, the ground floor interior of the Mr Freedom shop at 20 Kensington Church Street (1971).

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