Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Baby Doll Colours from the Rainbow at Woolworth's┃Rave Magazine (1968)


Yes! LOOK OUT! Baby Doll's put a rocket behind the make-up scene again with super new 'Colours from the Rainbow' ☛ Groovy Green Liner ☛ Violet Shadow ☛ fabulous Rainbow Blue Pearl Nail Varnish ☛ and brilliant Pearl Red 30's lipstick. Dare you? ☛ And lots more gorgeous in-tune colours at Cinderella prices. So have a ball!!!!

   Baby Doll Make-Up 'Colours from the Rainbow' range at Woolworth's (1968).


Baby Doll  Make-up's New Rainbow Eyes Multi-coloured Eye-Shadow Pack (1968).


   Baby Doll Pearl Polish, Nail Polish, Eye Shadow and Eye Liner (1968).


       Baby Doll 'Colours from the Rainbow' at Woolworth's (1968).


Baby Doll Lipstick  in shades of 30s Reds (1968).

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave Magazine, May, 1968. Baby Doll Make-Up made by E.R. Holloway LimitedArtist uncredited, as were all of the illustrators who created the various adverts for this range, however, this particular print-advert looks remarkably like the early work of the wonderful Caroline Smith. Discover more about the Baby Doll Range over at the Woolworth's Museum. And view some more Baby Doll print adverts in my previous posts:  News From Baby Doll Cosmetics  Rave Magazine (1967); What's Your Lucky Number? Baby Doll Make-Up Rave Magazine (1968); Out-shine doll! Sun Shiny & Moon Shiny Photoplay Magazine (1968); Baby Doll Make-UpJackie Magazine (1969). Plus some more examples of the 1930s influence on make-up and fashion in 1968 The New Vamp (1968); The Lady is a Vamp...Again! Queen Magazine (1968); Bonnie! Fashion's New Darling (1968). And finally, wishing you all a very Happy New Year. 

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