Sunday, 2 December 2018

Eylure - the gold-rush is on! (1967)

                    EYLURE - THE GOLD-RUSH IS ON! 






                                          IMAGE CREDITS & LINKS
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Intro Magazine, November 1967. All illustrations by Gloria. Discover more about Eylure – the world’s favourite brand for false eyelashes since 1947. Read ''Who Made Those False Eyelashes?'' and go back to the nineteenth century to find out more about their originsView some of my previous 1960s make-up posts: Seeing About Your Eyes (Rave Magazine 1965); Eye Look - from Max Factor (Rave Magazine 1968); Everything a girl needs to achieve that switched-on dolly look from Baby Doll Make-Up (Rave Magazine 1968); Mary Quant Make-Up (Honey Magazine 1967); Miners Hit Make-Up (Rave Magazine 1966); The New Look: Soft & Feminine (Rave Magazine 1967). And finally, The Five Faces of Twiggy (Queen Magazine 1968).

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