Sunday, 22 July 2018

Wrangler Jeans & Jackets Print Advert ┃19 Magazine (1970)


Wrangler Logo 1970

Cool gear for cool people. Jeans and jackets designed for the tough life. In denim or soft corduroy. Make the scene in a new pair of pants in parallels or flares. Get hooked on any of 13 shades—like red, lemon, petrol blue, loden, wheat, white, black, rosé and antelope. They're great. They're Wranglers. For illustrated brochure, send postcard to: Wrangler Jeans, Dept. N7, Blue Bell, Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham, NG4 2DP.

The Sweet Jane Blog:  1970s illustrated fashion print advert

Image scanned by Sweet Jane from 19 Magazine, October 1970. Artist uncredited. View some of my previous 1970s Jeans posts: Just Jeans! (1972); Wrangler denim jackets from The Westerner and wide flare denim jeans from The Emperor of Wyoming in Rags for Riders (1971) ;  Lee Jeans (1970) and The Debutante in Blue Jeans—Tom Wolfe (1970). Discover more about Denim via Jean Genie: The Denim Evolution; View Wrangler's 1970s adverts archive, and finally, The Wrangler way of life (1978).

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