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A Raver's Holiday Guide (1967)

                        A RAVER'S HOLIDAY GUIDE!

An all-happening guide for ravers spending their summer in Britain! Where to go, what to do, how much it can cost, and how to have fun the rave way. In the next seven pages we spotlight six of the swingiest resorts in Britain. So read on, and have yourself a RAVING holiday....

                             A Raver's Holiday Guide Maps illustrated by Alan Parry (April 1967). 



Read all about where the action is at the rave resorts, and find  your way there with these special rave maps!

                                                                 Illustration by Alan Parry (1967).

                                                                   Illustration by Alan Parry (1967).

                         ☀☀☀ A RAVER'S GUIDE TO GT. YARMOUTH ☀☀☀                                 


                  ☀☀☀ A RAVER'S GUIDE TO BOURNEMOUTH ☀☀☀                                

              ☀☀☀ A RAVER'S HOLIDAY GUIDE TO SOUTHEND ☀☀                                


                                             IMAGE CREDITS & LINKS
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE Magazine April I967. Illustrations by Alan Parry. Photographer and models uncredited.  View some more illustrations by Alan Parry for Rave in my previous posts: The Pop Market - A Raver's Guide to the Portobello Road Market (1966); The British Boutique Boom! (Part One) and (Part Two) 1965. The Summer of Love filmed around Brighton in 1967 on a standard 8 cine camera. Queen's Park, the sea front, Preston Park's Rock Garden, Brighton Pavilion all make brief appearances. The short lived Biba Boutique at 21 Queen's Road, Brighton—“It was very much the Brighton of Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock,” says Hulanicki! Discover more about Swinging Bournemouth—Dorset TV producer Roger Hopkins, grew up in Poole and, by 1963, was cutting his professional teeth as a freelance photographer feeding on Bournemouth’s burgeoning nightclub scene. Memories of watching The Who in Great Yarmouth in the Swinging Sixties. Jimi Hendrix Lays Wild Thing On Blackpool, 1967Northern innocents have ears blown by psychedelic sonic attack!  And finally, I think it's safe to say that it is most definitely Summer in the City!

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