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Smoke and Leather | Dépèche Mode (1971)

Pour La Peau 


Leather Fashion 1970s

La chance du Short...Leather Jacket and shorts by Brezin, the upper back and elbows of the jacket are studded. Maxi-socks by Colette Brezin,  Baroux boots, and José Cotel belt for Beige.

Leather Fashion 1970s

Fine trench coats. In thin, supple skins, the trench becomes a truly feminine garment. On the right: a coat in Lambskin by Gérard Silvi, Boots by Maude Frizon. On the left: a leather-treated Cowhide coat by Thierry Mugler for Divya, braided in red leather. Tilbury boots.

Leather Fashion 1970s

Quilted. Quilting is a general trend this year. It is particularly suitable for leather clothing. Right: a jacket closed on the side, in quilted lambskin, by Charles Ambers. It is worn with trousers in Paprika. Belt Baroux. On the left: a quilted jacket and lambskin pants from Everskin. Choker and leather strap from José Cotel for Beige. Shoes by Salamander.

Leather Fashion 1970s

The airmen's jackets. Right: a jacket in lambskin from Gets. It is tightened at the bottom by a belt closed with a metal buckle. José Cotel Belt for Beige: Left: a Furs Ettex (Paris) jacket in lambskin, lined with fur. The shoes are from Salamander.

Leather Fashion 1970s

Long jackets. In leather or velvet skin, they are always in good stead. On the left: a lamb jacket with a patina of Sahara-style Paprika. On the right deer skin and fur jacket, and trousers in lambskin by Gérard Silvi. The turtleneck is from Colette Brezin. Salamander shoes.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from an original editorial in Dépèche Mode, May 1971. All photographs by Dominique Ruat. Hair by Elrhodes, 122, faubourg, Saint-Honoré, Paris. Models uncredited.  View some of my previous posts featuring the designs of Gérard Silvi and Thierry Mugler, and also more Hair Styling by Jean-Yves Elrhodes (1968). The confessions of Manfred Thierry Mugler: on George Michael, Beyoncé, his physical transformation and his new career. Biker influenced leather fashion, by John Stephen of Carnaby Street in Dolly Rockers (1968), and Rags for Riders 1971Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning the biker Jacket-an online exhibition at FIT New York. Marianne Faithfull making the most of her black leather, fleece-lined jumpsuit designed by Lanvin, Paris, for her role in the 1968 film The Girl on the Motorcyclealso known as Naked Under Leather (1968). You can't talk about leather without mentioning Suzi Quatro's iconic leather jumpsuit, designed for her by Nigel Preston in 1973 under his Maxfield Parrish label, view an interview with Suzi about the look on the BBC Documentary  Oh! You Pretty Things: The Story of British Music and Fashion - Idols [Episode 2 of 3]. Watch Suzi Quatro As Leather Tuscadero - All Her Performances On "Happy Days. Discover more about the heritage of the Nigel Preston/ Maxfield Parrish Design Label, and Nigel Preston the man behind it. The Black Leather Jacket (Book & documentary) by Mick Farren. The Evolution of Women Smoking in Film. And finally, The Runaways Black Leather (1978).

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