Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Nature gave this girl dull brown hair┃Jackie Magazine (1969)


Supersoft Hairtoner gave her the natural answer.

Now there's a natural solution to dull brown hair. A shampoo called Supersoft Hairtoner. It's a shampoo...but what a shampoo! Supersoft Hairtoner tones and tints as you shampoo, to bring out the true warmth in brown hair. To bring out exciting highlights...naturally and gently. There are four Supersoft Hairtoner shampoos, Brown soft, Brown Fire, Brown Gold, Brown Rich. Whatever shade of brown hair you have, Supersoft Hairtoner will make an exciting change.

Vintage 1960s hair colour print advertisement from Jackie Magazine

vintage 1960s hair colour advertisement from jackie magazine 1969

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Jackie Magazine No.277. April 26th, 1969. Model and Photographer uncredited by the original publication. View some of my previous posts about 1960s & 1970s Hairstyles here: Curls: The Nouvelle Wave 1967.  Leslie Cavendish - The Beatles' Hairdresser 1967-1975. Colour Crazy - Rave Magazine 1967. Let Colour Go To Your Head 1972. Plus some fantastic examples of 'Big Hair' by Derek Roe for Queen Magazine 1966 and also by Jean-Yves Elrhodes 1968. And finally, My Favorite Brunette

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