Saturday, 29 October 2016

Dentelle Galler & the King's Road Hippies (1969)

A somewhat unusual advert promoting lace fabric, obviously there's nothing unusual about a well established company using an advertising campaign to put a new spin on a traditional product, a lot of old brands tried to attract younger customers by tapping into various aspects of the counter-culture scene via print adverts at the time. But I do find it interesting  that they make a point of saying that the publicity photograph was taken 'spontaneously' with the participation of some hippie friends in the King's Road! Because generally speaking, advertisement campaigns are usually predetermined right down to the last detail. The couple on the right are the only ones actually wearing lace shirts, difficult to tell if they were also part of the impromptu gathering or if they were in fact agency models. Who knows?, perhaps just prior to or mid-way through the session they went out and scouted for suitable people on the street to join them, to give it a more authentic real life feel! Which wasn't a bad idea, but may have worked better in a natural setting. It's still a cool shot though, they almost look like they're a band!

C'est à londres que cette photo a été réalisée par publicis, avec la participation spontanée de hippies rencontres dans king's road.                                                   

                                                         IMAGE CREDIT & LINKS
Image scanned for the Sweet Jane blog from Jours de France, 19th April, 1969 with thanks to Brad Jones, photographer & models uncredited. Some more examples of London street fashion from 1969 in one of my previous posts here. Swop Shop - fashion for him & her here.  Curls - the beginning of the Nouvelle Wave trend, courtesy of Vidal Sassoon here. And finally, discover more about the origins and history of lace on the Lace Guild website here,  

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