Monday, 24 October 2016

Carte Blanche de Weill Paris (1969)

Some very striking images from Weill's 1969 prêt-à-porter collection, these three adverts were part of an extensive publicity campaign to promote the rather exotically named range. 

                                                                                Modèle Indiana

                                                                                    Modèle Jade

                                                                                  Modèle Bali

                                                 IMAGE CREDIT & LINKS
Image (1.) scanned for the Sweet Jane blog from Elle Magazine 13th October 1969 with thanks to Brad Jones, photographer and models uncredited. Image (2.) scanned by Sweet Jane from Elle Magazine 6th October 1969 & image (3.) scanned from my personal collection of vintage adverts which I purchased as an individual page separated from the original unidentified 1969 magazine publication, although I would imagine it is more than likely that it was also featured in another issue of Elle from this period. Discover more about the Weill brand heritage founded in 1892 by Albert Weill here.


  1. Le Modelle Jade double breasted number is Cest Magnifique, no ? (As you can see I paid no attention to what little French was offered at School).

    1. Wish that I had paid more attention too, it would save a lot of time spent on Google Translate these days ; )


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