Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Picture of Fashion┃Richard Evans┃Daisy Roots (1972)


A do-it-yourself fashion feature scanned from The Sun annual for Girls (1972), encouraging the customisation of old clothing and accessories with some hand-painted designs―a very popular trend throughout the early 1970s, along with applique, embroidery and tie-dyeing techniques. They're making it all sound relatively easy enough to achieve, as they always did in these teen magazine and annuals. However, the incredible Pop Art boots on display which were used as examples (although uncredited) are actually the work of London shoe designer Richard Evans, who made boots for lots of well known music biz types at the time such as Elton John, George Harrison, Rory Gallagher and Roxy Music, these particular boots were from his 1970 collection.

Richard Evans had originally studied fashion design at the Nottingham School of Art in the 1960s and followed that with a post-graduate course in graphic design at Leicester College of Art, working as a fashion illustrator for a brief period afterwards. He then began making leather and snakeskin clothing and accessories, before progressing on to designing platforms and stack heeled boots, eventually setting up Daisy Roots, his footwear design label. His foray into fashion appears to have been quite short lived though, and you would probably be more familiar with his graphic work via Hipgnosis―the art design group who specialised in album cover art, where he continued to work from the early 1970s until 1976 when he set up his own design studio.

Four fantastic images of Richard Evans photographed with his Pop Art boot collection in November, 1970. The 'Yellow Submarine' boots featured above are included in the slideshow. Photographs by Paul Fievez courtesy of the Hulton Getty Archive.

All images scanned for the Sweet Jane blog from the Sun Annual for Girls 1972, with thanks to Brad Jones. Original article by Brenda Uttley. Photographer & models uncredited. The Richard Evans series of photos by Paul Fievez courtesy of the Hulton Getty Archive. Visit the official Richard Evans website, and view further examples of Richard Evans 1970s footwear. Here, you'll find an example of his Fashion Illustrations for Petticoat Magazine, 1968. A link to all things Hipgnosis. The official Storm Thorgerson website here. View some other D-I-Y boot fashion from 1971 in one of my previous posts. and more examples of the applique fashion trend of the 1970s. The amazing Pop Art fashions of Mr Freedom. Plus, an interview with Richard Evans on Rockerista from 2011. And finally, the inspiration behind some of those pop art boot designs  above.


  1. Another great Find Sweet Jane ! Do we know any specifics on the Roxy Music front ? I'm assuming Elton's winged boots were "Daisy Roots" but I'm always interested in who got what from where in the early Roxy Music Era.

    1. Thanks Kosmo! No other info on the Roxy Music connection at the moment, but like yourself, i'm so curious to know more about that one I think i'll have to pursue a bit further now.. those winged boots that Elton wore were great (designed by Jim O' Connor for Mr Freedom).

  2. I was confused about Elton's winged boots - take a look at the early 70's picture of Richard Evans here:
    Are the "Daisy Roots" he's (almost) pimping Mr Freedom knock offs ?

  3. Elton John's winged boots were from Mr Freedom. My boots for Daisy Roots were not 'knock offs' as you put it, Kosmo Vinyl although they were available in Mr Freedom and Harrods Way In. Elton John bought several pairs of my shoes as did Roxy Music and dare I say it, The Osmonds.