Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Good Strong Coffee┃A kaleidoscopic cinema short set in Swinging London (1968)



A kaleidoscopic cinema short produced by the advertising agency Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn in 1968, advocating the use of coffee as a stimulant! The film features some fantastic Swinging London locations, psychedelic visuals and 'beautiful people' wearing beautiful clothing...I'm pretty sure that I spy a young Bruce Robinson in the lead role, plus an Ossie Clark outfit or two. Intriguingly, it doesn't seem to promote any specific brand in particular, but it's possibly the best advert for the stuff that I've seen in quite a while, not that I needed too much persuading in the first place! Watch Good Strong Coffee (1968) in its entirety over on the BFI's excellent Other Grooves collection. 

All screen shots by Sweet Jane from Good Strong Coffee (1968) by Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn courtesy of the BFI's Other Grooves, models/actors uncredited, although the male lead looks remarkably like a young Bruce Robinson. Visit the BBDO Advertising Agency's website. Check out the BFI's Other Grooves Collection. View some images from I'll Never forget What's isname (1967) Starring Oliver Reed as a disillusioned London advertising executive who revolts against his career and escapes into Swinging London. There's A Brief History of Psychedelic Light Shows on the excellent Liquid Light Lab blog curated by Steve Pavlovsky. You'll find early examples of Ossie Clark designs in my some of my previous posts Bedsitter Girl - Jane Asher in Nova (1966) & also The 21 Shop (1965). We need to talk about caffeine―great coffee scenes in movies. And finally, watch Coffee and Cigarettes (2004) by Jim Jarmusch.


  1. Sweet Jane,
    Any idea if this was made for the cinema screen ? When I was a kid, some of the best ad's could only be seen at "the pictures" and I get the impression that was where "the big money" was spent. Great selection as always.

    1. Thanks a mil Kosmo! No idea of the details unfortunately but I think you're right, i'd say this was definitely made to be screened at the Cinema, I remember those adverts myself, always thought they added to the cinema going certainly has that feel about it, especially the voice over, bizarre that no specific brand in particular is being advertised though!

      The company that made it are still going strong, I had a quick look on their website to see if there was any extra archival information but couldn't find anything..(but i did notice that the BFI name credits seem to have picked up a couple of typos along the way)..I'd love to know where that location at approx 57 secs is, looks interesting..any ideas?

  2. Can't help with the locations, but I can tell you the motor is a FordGT40 - full disclosure, I asked a pal of mine Jules Balme, who is something of face on the British Classic Car scene.

    1. I had been wondering about that too..amazing looking motor..thanks for the info!