Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Gangster and Moll Collection - Edward Mann (1966)

                      Trilby hat by Edward Mann from the Gangster and Moll Range, Spring 1966.                                                          

Gangster Style in London, 29th November 1965 - Three models presenting the New Collection of hats by Edward Mann inspired by Chicago's gangsters of the 1930s. (Getty Images:Keystone France).

                                                        IMAGE CREDITS & LINKS
Advertisement image scanned by Sweet Jane from NEW CREATION Magazine, March 1966, published by Creation Ltd, at Creation House, 21 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, Gangster Style in London November 29th 1965 image courtesy of Getty Images:Keystone France, you'll find film footage of the Edward Mann Spring Collection for Spring 1968 here & some colour examples from the range in one of my previous posts here, more 30s Gangster inspired fashion here, and finally, further information about The Creation Arcade, Dublin (1959-2013) here and also here.

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