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Les Gilets Juniors┃Elle Magazine (1969)

Les Gilets Juniors


Thousands of vests were, this year, sold with pants : long and buttoned, they camouflaged hips : co-ordinated, they suited all silhouettes. For a change, and because they are not afraid to focus on their slim torso and hips, juniors will prefer the very short, heavily patterned knit styles this winter. Turn the vest into the star and organize one of these very young tomboy style outfits around it with wool knee socks, pants, shorts and frilly skirts.

Above: Woolmark gilet in shades of blue (Agnes B. pour Limitex, 75F, chez Mouche), Pure silk blouse, finely striped (Dennet Barry). For long legs only: flannel shorts to the knees (Etam, 45F), Thick wool socks (Dépositaires Pingouin Stemm), Sunglasses (Lissac). 

Small irregular striped wool vest (Harry Lans, 105F, from Galeries Lafayette) Funny and refined, the coordinated blouse, speckled with small horses (Emmanuelle Khanh for Le Bistrot du Tricot, 98F, chez Turlututu). Buttoned pants in pure new wool (Agnes B. pour Limitex, 110F, à la Gisquette), Wool Hat (Lil), Boots with flat heels (Shop 22), Big round glasses ( Lissac).

Main photo: Cheerful little vest in pure new wool Jacquardé (Agnes B. pour Limitex, 75F, à la Gaminerie), Mini skirt in wool check, which gathers into V shaped yoke (Berluc, 89F, chez J.N.S, 3), jersey blouse (Dennet Barry).

Top: Dog Collar blouse (Boutique Berge). Kid gloves (Gants Lux). New: socks above the knee, natural wool (Dépositaires Pingouin Stemm). Varnished laced shoes with round toe (Jocelyn). Bottom: exception here - the top is Scottish, English plaid open V sweater, (Kingsbury, 85F, Au Printemps). And the skirt is replaced by the grey flannel straight legged trousers (Arvel, La Gaminerie 119F). Socks match the sweater (Kingsbury). Victorian style brown leather laced pioneer boots (Tilbury).


All images scanned for the Sweet Jane Blog from ELLE Magazine, 16th August, 1969. with thanks to Brad Jones. All photographs by Peter Knapp, original fashion editorial by Catherine Rousso for Elle. Photographs taken on location at Vèlodrome de la cipale, à Vincennes. Discover more about the origins of the Agnès B brand. Further details about the history behind the Argyle pattern. View one of my previous posts featuring the work of designer Emmanuelle Khanh and discover more about the fashion label's heritage. Read Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion by Lizzie Garrett Mettler. And finally, view some more examples of photographer Peter Knapp's work.

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