Sunday, 29 November 2015

Bermubas de Rosy (1968)

1960s Stockings Advert

                                                                            Hair by Elrhodes

                                                          IMAGE CREDIT & LINKS
Image scanned for the Sweet Jane blog from Jours de France 17th February 1968 with thanks to Brad Jones. Hair by Elrhodes, photographer uncredited.  Read about the history of French Lingerie here, Discover more about the heritage of the Rosy Lingerie brand which began in 1947 here. A link to further information about the hairdressser Jean-Yves Elrhodes here and finally a photo of his salon in Paris here.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Spring Combines Giorgio di Sant' Angelo, Halston, Gayle Kirkpatrick and Luba (1970)

Spring pants are soft and sheer, like a thin tissue over the leg. They will be made up of the same limp fabric as the new, long slinky dresses., as well as from velvet, slippery satin ciré, crocheting and laced up suede. All right day and night, the year round. And look for combinations: blouses half-cached under short sleeved silk T-shirts, anchored by some sort of dripping sash or heavy, elaborate belt, and head scarves trailing over one shoulder. More rights of spring: Veronica Lake hair and low boots.

Softly cuving jersey tunic tied at the shoulder and sashed at the waist with wide-legged pants. By Giorgio di Sant' Angelo, $199.50 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Chiffon cardigan cut bare and bathroby over pants of the same print. Lizard sandals. All by Halston. Available in the Halston boutique, Bloomingdale's, $300.

Extremely well-seamed mid-calf dress which fastens with snaps and studded belt. Worn above matching pants and black suede boots. Dress, $80; pants. $35. All designed by Luba. At Bloomingdale's.

Skin colored tunic and flimsy pants. In the background, loose chemise dress, gathered at the waist. By Gayle Kirkpatrick. Linguini strapped sandals by Capezio. Dress, $145; blouse and pants, $240. All at Lord & Taylor. 

                                        IMAGE CREDIT & LINKS
All images scanned by Sweet Jane from New York Magazine 26 January 1970. Original editorial by Caterine Millinare. Illustrations by Barbara Nessim. Discover more about designer Gayle Kirkpatrick here, view other examples of his work in some of my previous posts here & also here. Read about the designer Giorgio di Sant' Angelo here. Visit the website of the artist Barbara Nessim here to view an amazing selection of her work from the 1960s to the present day and much more (a must see for any illustrator). View a video interview in which she discusses her work and the inspiration behind it here. Discover more about the heritage of Halston here and finally, read about the Russian designer Luba Marks here.
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