Monday, 28 September 2015

L'Homme Qui Ramassait Les Épingles (1968)

L'Homme Qui Ramassait Les Épingles

A double page illustration from Plexus, which accompanied an overview of L'Homme Qui Ramassait Les Épingles by Pierre Boulle,  a short story by the author originally published as part of a collection of fictional work under the title Histories Charitable in 1965.  Although he is probably best known for two of his earlier novels The Bridge over the River Kwai (1952) and The Planet of the Apes (1963). There is quite an amount of information about Boulle and his work online, much less so regarding the illustrator, I've searched, but nothing definite has surfaced so far, unless perhaps i've somehow misread his signature? I'm pretty sure it's signed as Panos, but i've included a close-up for your perusal in the final scan! 

1960s psychedelic illustration Panos


Image scanned by Sweet Jane from PLEXUS issue No. 12. 1968. Illustration by Panos (?) for an original story by Pierre Boulle. I have previously featured the work of many other Plexus illustrators, some of which you can view here & also here and via any of the associated labels at the end of this post. Read about Pierre Boulle The French spy who wrote Planet of the Apes. A review of  The Bridge on the River Kwai (film adaptation). A complete history of  Planet of the Apes. And finally, a Pierre Boulle bibliography here.

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