Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Be an A & B GIRL┃Rave Magazine (1964)

Fashions and records...they've both got two sides. Here's the A side of fashion, flip the page and there's the B side...and Twelve steps To Loveliness. Be an A & B Girl!

'A' SIDE...A party-best dress for Halloween - or any other night of the year - in white net, dolled up with red velvet ribbon under the bustline, and long layered, see-through, sleeves. By Susan Small £12 1s 6d. The white satin little girl-look shoes are by Loftus, £2 19s 6d. and the ritzy bracelet comes from a range at Fenwicks of Bond Street, £1 5s.

'B' SIDE...How's this for contrast? But isn't it great! The suit, in grey flannel is just like a man's, pockets, trouser crease and all, and a half-belt across the back. But the price is girl-sized. It's £7 17s 6d. by Slimma. It's worn with over-the-ankle Chukka boots in brown suede by Saxone, £3 19s 11d. Right; 7 & 8 respectively His or her clothes? Both actually. The white-collar workers shirt is made by Her Tern in blue and white gingham. The cost £1 19s 6d. The second-skin trousers are made for men at His Clothes and cost £2 19s 6d. Heeps of girls are buying these trousers and having them shortened while they wait.

5 This is the only new dress shape since the shift. It's cut as simply as a child's smock, with long school-room sleeves. It's deceptively expensive though. Cost is £15 10s by Jane and Jane.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Rave and Hit Parade No.9 October 1964. Fashion notes by Penny Vincenzi, All photographs by Anthony Rawlinson. View some classic Old Print Ads by  Sir Anthony Rawlinson


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