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La Marche du Temps┃Plexus Magazine (1969)

La Marche du Temps


Some more early illustrations by Polish born artist Wojtek Siudmak for Plexus, the bimonthly French erotic magazine which ran from April 1966 - June 1970. Siudmak became one of the many regular contributors to the publication towards the end of the decade after he had relocated to France, these particular graphics were used frequently in varying colourways throughout the later issues as an introduction to the news, reviews and event pages etc. You can view other examples of the artist's work for the magazine during this period via the labels at the end of the page.

        Les Voyages, illustrated by Wojtek Siudmak  for Plexus.


La Gazette du Palais - illustrated by Wojtek Siudmak.


All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Plexus, Issue No. 21, February 1969. All illustrations by Wojtek Siudmak. Visit the artist's website and online shop here.

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