Saturday, 21 March 2015

Apply Yourself!┃Petticoat Magazine (1970)

Applique, Paris stuck it, sewed it and poppered it all over everything in the spring collections. Feraud used Aztec beads in patches, Courreges stuck vinyl patches everywhere. Course, Britain's been applying herself for ages but in somewhat madder manner. We're wowing it and zapping it in a riot of colour. It's the ice-cream cone, the teddy bear and any other fun thing flung onto the funkiest of T-shirts! It's the last word snaked onto angora (pops off at the cleaners), even the beautiful embroidery all over cotton kaftans - so get stuck on - with applique!

Cover photo by Peter Mullet, navy long-sleeved vest £4.4s., red and green Mickey Mouse jacket £8. 8s. both from Mr Freedom, S.W.3. 

Shirt with sunrise applique £6. 6s., from Mr Freedom. belt, £3. 3s., Kleptomania.

 Dress with applique hearts, by Louis Caring, £7.7s., from Miss Selfridge.

  Black leather belt with applique flowers  £5 from Kleptomania S.W.3.

Beigey suede shoulder bag with coloured applique decoration £5.19s.6d. from The Westerner, S.W.3.


  Vests with appliques, bear and sweetheart, £4 4s., from Mr Freedom, S.W.3.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from Petticoat magazine, 4th April, 1970. Original article by Sue Hone, photographs by Peter Mullet.

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