Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Color For The Space Age (1966)

The smash of red! The bazaaz of blue! Begin your decorating with the oomphy space age look of Frigidaire Fashion Colors. Your kitchen the "livingest" room in the house-should be the liveliest! Make it look the part with the most dashing refrigerators and ranges you ever saw! Bold, beautiful colors to blend, match, contrast with walls, curtains, cabinets. Imagine Matador Red or Biscayne blue against bone white or lavender! Tahitian Green with sunny yellow. Autumn Haze with dark wood cabinets. What these buoyant colors can do for your kitchen, for your spirits is just short of unbelievable! 


                                                                     IMAGE CREDIT
                                  Image scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE magazine 17th June 1966.

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