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The Career Woman | Nova Magazine (1966)


It isn't an integral part of every woman's nature to be a homemaker, in the way that not every woman yearns to be a mother. It gives more pleasure to some people to live in a state of immaculate perfection without much sign of human intrusion. The anguish that some women feel at the sight of a speck of dust is also shared by more men than people realise. The beauty of stainless steel floor tiles, glass-topped tables and silver-papered walls might not withstand the curiosity of children and are certainly not practical for young working girls, since objects of beauty need constant cleaning, care and attention. This is more the setting of a career woman with hired help./Molly Parkin

1966 silver fashion, photographs by Duffy
Left: Lamé shirtwaister dress by Bagatel, 46 gns. Shoes by Terry de havilland, 5½ gns. Watch ring and watch bracelet by Jill Waddington, 10 gns and £30. Silver rings by Carol Russell, 18 gns each; silver rings by Helga Zahn, from £10 each.  Right: Trouser suit by Aqua Sprite, 36 gns. Shoes by Terry de Havilland, 5½ gns. Silver necklace and bracelet by Helga Zahn, £90 and £60.  Back wall: covered in aluminium foil, from 2s 11d per roll, wall clock sprayed silver by Jill Waddington. Side wall: Vacuum-moulded Melinex panels 24 in" square by Julie Hodgess, approximately 7s 6d each. Floor: 4 in" square stainless steel tiles by Twentieth Century Tiles Ltd, £1 per sq ft. On the floor: lace-up shoes by David Murray at Medway Bagagerie, £4 9s 11d. Brocade and diamanté mule at Charles Jourdan, 17½ gns. Brocade and diamanté shoe at Charles Jourdan, 25 gns. Silver carrier bag by Susan Gibson, 6 gns.

1960s silver fashion
Table: by William Plunkett  Ltd, £47 9s. On the table: perspex telephone from Plessey Telecommunications Group. Glass containers and chemical apparatus from The Scientific Glassblowing Co Ltd. Jewellery by Carol Russell.

1960s telephone
Perspex telephone from Plessey Telecommunications Group.

1960s silver fashion accessories
Chaise longue: designed by Carol Russell, covered in printed PVC designed by Julie Hodgess, £25, made to order. On the chaise longue: see-through clock by Jill Waddington, 7gns. Handbag by Sally Jess, £4 19s 11d. Glass dish, 14s 8d, containing ball bearings at Buck & Ryan, from 11s per dozen. Glass teapot at Heal's, £3 2s 6d. Silver coat by Karen Mœller, 7gns. Dome-shaped perspex table lamp designed by John Wright and Jean Schofield, £28 10s.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from an original editorial by Molly Parkin for NOVA, September 1966. All photographs by Duffy. Model on the left Jill Kennington, Model on the right unknown. 

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