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Twiggy & The Dandy Look ┃Vogue (1967)



The look straight ahead is the great dandy look―a long, long look at jackets, long but lean and curvy, trousers sleek and straight. Add a flash of frippery, arrogant accessories, soft, short waved curls.

Twiggy 1960s Vogue
Suave striped suit, above, fine and dandy white and maroon on deep blue; long lean frock coat with dark velvet collar and cuffs. Youngset by Alexon, 15 gns, D.H. Evans; Plummers, Guildford; Schofields, Leeds. Photograph by Helmut Newton.

Devastating black wool suit, double breasted, above. Dinner jacket dandy look, dazzlingly simple, Mary Quant's Ginger Group, 16½ gns, at Miss Selfridge; Rackhams, Birmingham; The Birdcage, Cambridge. All jewellery from The Golden Past, Brook St. Shoes, 6½ gns, Mondaine, Canes, 17gns, Swaine, Adeney, Brigg. Hair by Roger of Vidal Sassoon. Photograph by Helmut Newton.

Princely Prince of Wales check suit, sleek long jacket with double buttons, no back vent, but plenty of fit. Handsome cuffed trousers, high-buttoned waistcoat. By Paul Babb and Pamela Procter for Twiggy, 14 gns, Fifth Avenue, King's Road; Fraser Sons, Glasgow; Edwin Jones, Southhampton, Benson & Hedges cigar. Photograph by Helmut Newton.

Efficient and dashing pinstripe dandy suit. Wall Street overtones on gangster flare. Charcoal and white with surprise yellow jersey back to neat waistcoat. Crepe shirt, Mary Quant's Ginger Group, jacket, 11gns, trousers, 4½gns, waistcoat, 5gns, shirt, 4gns, Bazaar; Rackhams, Birmingham. Black felt hat, £5  18s, 6d, Herbert Johnson, Ties, 21s, Foale & Tuffin, Boots, £7 19s, 6d, Ravel. Photograph by Helmut Newton.

All images scanned by Sweet Jane from VOGUE, September 15th, 1967. Model: Twiggy. All photographs by Helmut Newton. Visit the Official Twiggy Lawson website. View some more examples of Twiggy modelling for Mary Quant & more, in some of my previous posts, such as Get on the Quant Wavelength (part one)..and (part two ). And view some designs from her own range in Dresses Twiggy by of London for Seventeen magazine 1967.  More about the influential Dandy Look in Return of the Dandy 1966, and Dandyism has returned! Wear Ruffles! Buy yourself a purse (1970).

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