Friday, 8 August 2014

The Colour Crazy Story - Rave Magazine (1967)


Shall I or Shan't I? With the big trend swinging to way-out colours for hairstyles this year, sooner or later every girl will ask herself the same question. To go blonde, to go black, or just to brighten up my own colour? The answer is GO AHEAD! Hair colour makes for different personalities and really is a great new fashion craze - and these days the change is as easy as winking! Here's Samantha with the crazy colour story, and all the tips to help you. So go ahead, and have fun! 

All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from RAVE magazine April 1967.


  1. This is amazing: 'These are very good for greying hair, but we hope no RAVE readers have that trouble!' haha.

    In all honesty I have been wondering whether to go back to dying my hair some mad colours, so perhaps Samantha's advice shall be taken on board!

    1. Yeah, I really like the shades that were available in the fantasy range by Inecto for the 'real ravers' too! (Cyclamen, Violet, Lilac, Apricot etc) ..although, that Sea Witch by Elida sounds very enticing!
      I wonder how effective/popular they were at the time, you don't really see much photographic evidence but I bet that there were plenty people around whose hair colour corresponded with their attire for a while, I remember reading that as early as 1965 Janet Street-Porter was spraying her hair silver to match her clothes.

    2. Yes the fantasy range colours sound very sweet and so relevant today too! I just imagine the Sea Witch to be a fantastic green/blue hybrid but it appears that it was actually more of a blonde :(

      Yes I was thinking the same, I've seen a few 1950's advertisements for pastel hair colours and a great 1960s ad for all of those non-rave readers who are greying , but in general you don't really see wild hair colours of the 60's photographed! I know quite a few people sprayed their hair silver, Edie Sedgwick of course and as you mention, Janet Street-Porter, and a lot of women wore hair pieces etc. but I'm going to be on the hunt for evidence of these fantasy colours!

      I found the below article quite interesting for a basic overview of hairstyles which might be worth checking out if you haven't already :)


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