Tuesday, 1 July 2014

If You Want to Get Ahead, Get a Cap! (1966)


Youthful Caprice for Caps   

In the city, at the beach, on all sorts of indoor and outdoor larks, the young are wearing caps this summer. Not just any old cap, but the cap, the squashy one with a visor brim that the Beatles favor. The kids buy the caps every where and at all prices, but mostly at Army and Navy stores which have become favorite emporiums in the U.S.  Milliners like the look too and have adapted the cap for their customers who go for it's nonchalance and the becoming way it has with long, smooth hairdos. The cap fad looks as though it will continue on in the fall and it may be that the long-standing fashion for hatlessness is losing its hold. As one young cap-wearer puts it, "Only the middle-aged ladies go bare-headed."

At Richard's Army and Navy store (left) in New York, three long-haired youngsters try on caps that sell for $2.99.

Enjoying pop artist Andy Warhol's floating pillows in a Los Angeles gallery, Mrs. Dennis Hopper, daughter of the late Margaret Sullivan, wears a checked Leon Bennett cap with slacks.

In California a swimmer in low backed maillot by Brigance, wears white canvas milliner's version (Leon Bennett).

All images & original text scanned by Sweet Jane from LIFE September 5th 1966. Photographs by Christa & Henry Grossman.

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